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This was the place where we had our lunch at the rooftop Chinese restaurant. On the way back, we went to witness one of the most exquisite spots for sunset which is Oia. Oia also served the Donkey beer which is supposed to be the signature beer of Santorini. This was the place where in we saw the beautiful blue dome structure which one recollects whenever we talk about Greece.We then rented a car to Athens. On the way back, we were also stopped by cops and they checked us for drink and drive. However, we had a wild escape. We reached the Mont Parnes where we visited Regency Casino on the hill top. We reached there by cable car in middle of the night. We lost during the games but it was a fun experience going there which made the journey worthwhile.  The next day morning while driving we shared the common road which was shared by the runway for flights. Overall, it was a magical and a relaxing trip with lots of fun activities and exploring all the scenic beauty which we watch in movies. It felt like as though we entered a beautiful wallpaper.

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