New Zealand Tourism and Travel Guide

With jagged mountains, undulating pastures, other-worldly fiords, active volcanic zones, pristine trout-filled lakes, unspoilt sandy beaches, turbulent rivers, lush green forests, and astoundingly hi-tech cities, New Zealand tourism is one of the most sought after destinations of the world. For some it’s a dream destination, and for others it’s the place where they’d love to spend the rest of their lives. This stunning island nation, comprising the North Island and South Island, sits serenely in the Pacific Ocean around 2,000km from Australia’s east coast. Due to its geographical location, the seasons and climate in New Zealand are different from those in the Northern Hemisphere. One unique thing about New Zealand tourism is that its climate is highly variable; so much so that you may even experience almost all seasons in one single day! The sparsely populated islands of New Zealand are home to some of the most breathtaking forests which are inhabited by a wide variety of plants including the likes of kauri tree, which is considered a rare species in the world. When it comes to the marine life, penguins, sea lions, seals, and albatrosses can be spotted in the region of Otago Peninsula. The short-tailed bat, the alpine parrot commonly known as kea, the critically endangered Hamilton’s frog, the tuatara, and the indigenous flightless kiwi, which is also the national symbol of New Zealand, are some of the many unique birds and animals in this country. New Zealand tourism, however, is not limited to just its natural wonders. In fact, the kiwis boast of enviable modern facilities including a hi-tech transport network which helps in better connectivity between New Zealand cities and towns. And when it comes to adventure, New Zealand tourism has it all. Places such as Queenstown, Wanaka, Waitomo, Rotorua and others offer various high-adrenaline activities including jet-boating through shallow gorges, bungee jumping, mountain biking, camping, rafting, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, trekking, bungee jumping, glacier hiking, hot air ballooning and skydiving. Besides, the Māori culture plays an important role in New Zealand tourism, for it gives visitors abundant opportunities to know and experience the history and evolution of local traditions and customs. Thanks to Maori culture, there are a number of lip-smacking authentic cuisines you can try during your New Zealand tour, including the famous New Zealand pie.
Best time to visit

Peak Season: (Dec−Feb) This is the ideal time to visit New Zealand if you want to indulge in outdoor activities. Most of the public places are busy during this period of time.


For Budget Travellers: INR 3000 - 4500 a day
For Mid-range Travellers: INR 5000 to 8000 a day
For Luxury Travellers: INR 9000 and upwards a day

Visa Info

If you are an India citizen, you can get New Zealand visa for a period of 90 days which will cost you INR 9,150. The entire process can be completed within 15 working days.

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