Seasoned Travellers Spill Why Resorts World Sentosa Is Their Go to Destination for Every Mood

Photo of Seasoned Travellers Spill Why Resorts World Sentosa Is Their Go to Destination for Every Mood by Niyati Saxena (migrantmusings)

Is vacation on your mind? Well, when is it not, right? However, the world of travel is vast and a trip is no longer just a tour involving sightseeing. It’s a full-blown experience. From thrill-seeking excursions to gastronomical delights, and vibrant performances to serene escapes, traveling now leads you to all such things. Imagine if you could experience it all in one place instead of making separate plans for separate moods! Welcome to Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore (RWS). Known as Asia’s premium lifestyle destination resort, here you will find an ideal vacation awaiting every individual. Listen to the anecdotes of India’s leading travel influencers and hear what they have to say about their visit to this resort on the island that is Sentosa.

Adrenaline is calling and you must feel the rush!

A scuba diver, a paraglider, and a skier, Radhika Sharma is famously known for her constant tete-a-tete with thrilling sports. We decided to ask Ms.Nomllers to reveal what she loved best at RWS:

1. Tell us 3 activities that adventurers simply cannot miss during their time at RWS. And, as a water baby, which was your personal favorite?

Radhika shares, “Catching the fun-filled live shows at the Universal Studios Singapore, snorkeling at the rainbow reef & trying out the thrilling roller coaster rides.” Some of your favorite movies such as Shrek, Puss in Boots, etc. come alive with the amazing live shows at Universal Studios Singapore. Elaborate stages, skilled performers, and visual effects make these shows nothing short of jaw-dropping!

As for all you fellow aquatic enthusiasts, Radhika mentions, “Since I love spending time in the water, I loved the rainbow reef at the Adventure Cove Waterpark due to the one-of-a-kind experience it provided.” With high-speed slides, a visit to Adventure Cove is a full blown playful time in the water. After all, it is home to Asia’s first hydro magnetic coaster, the Riptide Rocket! Per Radhika’s recommendation witness the kaleidoscopic colours of over 20,000 marine animals while snorkeling at the Rainbow Reef.

2. What according to you is the most unique thing about RWS?

Radhika replies, “The all-inclusive nature of each attraction here in terms of food options, etc was something I didn't expect. Every place had options ranging from veg options, non-veg to halal options which is something not all tourist attractions offer.” A trip is enjoyable when a location is beautiful but a trip is incredible when along with the beauty of the destination, the food is also pleasing to the palette. Decked with Michelin star names from a variety of other restaurants, here you will find yourself relishing every meal!

Tips and tricks to make the most out of your visit!

With her name itself setting the tone for a lifetime of exploring, Manali enjoys jet-setting around destinations. Meanwhile, she also shares hacks to make the travels of others much more meaningful. We simply had to pick her brain on RWS!

Cinema in real life or a closer look at the marine wonders, Manali found her mind stirred in every way!

Photo of Seasoned Travellers Spill Why Resorts World Sentosa Is Their Go to Destination for Every Mood by Niyati Saxena (migrantmusings)

1. What are some of your best hacks for people to make the most of their time at RWS? Also, tell us a memory from your time at RWS that you’d love to keep revisiting!

“One will need at least 2-3 days to cover everything at RWS. The best hack is to start early in the morning so that you reach RWS before the opening time of many attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, and S.E.A. Aquarium so that you can avoid the crowd and explore those places properly.”, says Manali. And, we couldn’t agree more because why waste a single minute when there’s so much to check out?

She continues, “I had a great time at Universal Studios Singapore, all the live shows were super entertaining, I even had the opportunity to talk to the characters and get amazing pictures. I spent 2 days visiting the S.E.A. Aquarium, and Universal Studios Singapore." If you’re also one to be fascinated by the sea, you must spend time at S.E.A. Aquarium’s new and exciting exhibit, VibranSEA. Art and technology have come together to curate this immersive experience where you can find yourself understanding the environment of coral reefs and the anatomy of marine species and even get a visual taste of stunning bioluminescence. We would for sure be obsessed with revisiting this over and over again!

2. Share your top tricks for a value-for-money experience at RWS.

No trip to Singapore would be complete without visiting RWS and Manali is here to help us all with some neat budget-friendly hacks, “It is advisable to book your tickets directly from the Resorts World Sentosa site for exclusive packages.. Also, to reach RWS, we traveled by MRT to the Harbourfront station, and then we took Sentosa Express monorail to reach RWS, which was convenient and time-saving.” So, get browsing to book yourself the best deals!

Moreover, she says, “It is also advisable to visit RWS on weekdays since on weekends you will encounter the city crowd also along with tourists so it will be more crowded on weekends and also prices are sometimes higher on weekends for some attractions.” It surely sounds like a way to make weekdays more interesting as well.

Unlock some unlimited family fun!

As a content creator, Mansi Rajani showcases how she navigates life as a parent while always looking out for the best for her family. Her time at RWS showcased us exactly that! So, if you’re in search of a wholesome family vacation, you’ll want her insights:

1. List down your core memories from your family trip at RWS!

Traveling can lead to building some amazing core memories as a family. And, Mansi’s stories sure have us smiling as she excitedly remembers, “The Universal Studios Singapore experience was out of this world at RWS and is the best theme park. The amazing rides including extremely thrilling roller coasters were amazing especially the Galactica: Human Vs. Cylon and my personal favorite, Revenge of the Mummy!” Known as the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster, the Battlestar Galactica has 2 roller coasters. They both move across each other in twists and turns, so, you can pick a side between the human and cylon characters for a 3D experience from the hit sci-fi series! Meanwhile, the Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor ride wherein fireballs, beetles, and riding a roller coaster in the dark will have your heart racing throughout.

She also shares, “Adventure Cove Waterpark was really awesome too. We really enjoyed the Adventure River and Big Bucket Treehouse.” Hop on to a tube and witness 14 theme zones including an underwater tunnel, a cave, and even a jungle garden, in the Adventure River ride. Mansi and her little one could be seen splashing each other with water all along! And, the Big Bucket Treehouse ensured squeals as the water came tumbling down on everyone.

2. What are some concerns that you have while traveling as a family and in what way are other family travelers free from any such hassles during their visit to RWS?

Family trips require more attention to detail as there’s a lot more that one has to cater to, however, Mansi shares her relief, “Everything was just perfect and so top-notch from the hotel stay to our experiences across all the attractions. Food was yummy - We especially enjoyed having food at Gourmet Park and Soi Social. We even got tasty Indian dishes such as samosas, biryani, and more at Oasis Spice Cafe at Universal Studios Singapore.” So, if you’ve been wary of holidaying with your children due to the fear of limited food options, be rest assured that this resort will ensure that all their cravings are fully satiated!

She’s even given special recommendations for fellow parents, “Kids relished the most at Gourmet Park. Especially The Kathi Roll food truck. Plus different kinds of desserts at Soi Social. All in all, we had a great and memorable time there.” Whether you’re seeking a nice and cozy homely Indian meal or on the lookout to indulge those sweet tooth desires, there’s a solution for every foodie’s mood.

Live it up to the luxe life!

Of course, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore has earned itself the name of being a leading lifestyle resort. It boasts top-notch eateries to stay and so, we had to ask luxury traveler Kadambari Bhatte about her suggestions for those looking to pamper themselves!:

For the ones who have a desire for all things that spell plush and perfection!

Photo of Seasoned Travellers Spill Why Resorts World Sentosa Is Their Go to Destination for Every Mood by Niyati Saxena (migrantmusings)

1. As a frequent traveler, you've visited a wide variety of destinations, tell us some luxurious experiences that you undertook in RWS that were new even for you. 3 things every luxury traveler must indulge in at RWS!

Kadambari reveals, “As a luxury traveler the main thing I look for in my travels is a good luxury hotel with impeccable amenities, food, and great service. At RWS spending a night in the underwater Equarius Ocean Suite with five-star luxuries was one of the highlights of the trip.” Prepare to be awestruck because Equarius Ocean Suites offers one of the most unique accommodations. They have two-story townhouses that have an outdoor patio with a jacuzzi on the top level and a ceiling-to-floor length window wall showcasing rich marine life on the bottom level. Soak in the Sun or lay back while gazing at over 40,000 fishes, it really is the best of both worlds!

Having a well-stamped passport, from her dreamy experiences she picks out, “With a ton of luxury options to enjoy over there, the top three things one must enjoy are the VIP experiences at Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium, dine at table65, a one Michelin Star restaurant and spend a night underwater in the mesmerizing ocean suite!”

2. Name the boutique restaurants where you relish meals.

To make matters more drool-worthy, Kadambari recalls, “The Michelin star dining experience at Table65 was one to remember. We relished cuisine with Dutch, French, and Japanese influences.” Communal tables are given a whole new meaning as this award-winning restaurant places you on a chair overlooking its open kitchen. If you believe food is enjoyed by all senses, you are in for a treat as skilled chefs use contemporary methods to bring together an amalgamation of colors, textures, and shapes into European signature dishes. So, if you’re salivating by the sheer idea, be rest assured that you’ll go back home with a scrumptiously full belly!

Listening to some of our favorite travel influencers surely has us even more excited at the thought of visiting Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. And, whether you’re an adventure seeker, a budget traveler, a luxury lover, or a family person, the possibilities of everything that you can do on your holiday at RWS are nothing less than endless. There’s one thing in common though between all kinds of travelers and that is the fact that any trip here would be thoroughly memorable.

In collaboration with Resorts World Sentosa.

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