Malling Nala | A Stressful Road

3rd Jul 2022

Malling Nullah or Malling Nala is the world’s most dangerous spot, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains on all sides. The gorgeous snow-capped peak, which is like frosting on a cake, can be seen. The Malling Nullah serves as a doorway to another well-known destination, the Spiti Valley. It is the most exciting and adventurous tourism destination in India.

Even though the region is prone to landslides, the freshly built road to Malling Nullah is as smooth. The switchbacks that hug the river provide a thrilling drive. While exploring the area, visitors may observe modest temples and Buddhist shrines. Perhaps it is a location where the road constantly slides and is a crucial connection between the Spiti Valleys and the rest of Himachal Pradesh. All adventure seekers and environment enthusiasts will like this location. However, travel during the monsoon season is severely limited.

The route up to the peak is paved. It’s known as NH505. Avalanches, huge snowfalls, and landslides may happen at any moment, and they are highly hazardous because of the frequent patches of ice. This is a section of the road where the whole hill continues sliding down, creating a huge breach in the road. It is often referred to as “The Landslide.” The trip is perilous due to the unstable rocky mountains. The road’s edge is also built of slate rocks.

The region is prone to landslides. The climb is just dreadful, with a severe shortage of oxygen that puts the organisms to the test and a high degree of steepness. Around 2,500-2,800 metres, most persons get altitude sickness. Oxygen is scarce at the pass. Even if you’re driving and gradually acclimating to the high altitudes, it’s best to take the standard precautions—avoid over-exertion and drink enough fluids—to prevent being unwell.

The road is in terrible condition and takes strong nerves to navigate. It’s undoubtedly stunning, yet it has a terrifying reputation. The segment across the pass is relatively small, with a steep valley on the side and a steep incline. One mistake, and you’re dead. On top of that, pebbles and stones continue to fall from the sky without warning.

This route puts any driver’s ability and bravery to the test. It’s not for anybody who has vertigo or is afraid of landslides. If you are scared of heights, stay away. The crossing is perilous, so gather some information before embarking on your expedition.