Tezpur City Guide: 24 Hours in Tezpur

Photo of Tezpur City Guide: 24 Hours in Tezpur by Rajat Chakraborty

Tezpur is one of the important towns of Assam and is the connecting link to the mountain regions of Arunachal Pradesh. The road network from Tezpur was the only route until half a decade ago, but now an alternate route also exists to connect with the West Kameng and Tawang Regions.

About Tezpur

Getting Here:-

By Road:-

In recent years, the Tezpur City has evolved tremendously in terms of its road infrastructure. The NHDL-47 road extends via Nagaon to Guwahati and now cuts the drive by almost an hour.

By Air:-

Earlier, the only way to connect with Assam was through the Guwahati Airport. But now, Tezpur City is gradually evolving as an important airport and a preferred choice over Guwahati to connect with the major tourist spots of Assam.

Now, people can escape the three and half hours drive and take a direct flight from New Delhi to Tezpur, at equally convenient prices in most of the Economy Flights such as Indigo and Air India.

Where To Stay:-

There are several budget as well as luxury hotels in and around Tezpur. One of the popular and older properties here is The KRC Palace Hotels and KRC Homestay.

Located well within the town-center, it is closest from the Solanbari Airport (1.7 km) and easiest to reach. The stay prices start from INR 1700 onwards.

Check Out The Other Hotels in the Area:-

Places To See Around Tezpur City:-

One of the important things to note about exploring the places in Assam is to consider the sunrise and sunset timings as they vary drastically as compared to the rest of the country. Typical sunrise and sunset timings are around 05:00 AM - 05:00 PM respectively.

Mahabhairab Temple:-

Not very far from the hotel is the oldest historic landmark of the town - The Mahabhairab Temple. The temple opens at 09:00 AM and remains open until 05:00 PM. It is really serene and peaceful to sit here at the start of the day.

The Kalia Bhomora Bridge:-

No matter how many times I come to Assam, and especially to this side of the state, I make sure I never miss out on the sunset over the Kalia Bhomora Bridge. It is simply enchanting and beautiful - the golden glow of the sunsets over the vastness of the Brahmaputra River.

Escape to the Tea Estates:-

There are several tea estates around the area. Do also take your time to visit the surrounding tea estates and grab some of the local brands from the ' Factory Outlet Stores'. They are authentic, fresh and direct from the factory and are sure to change the directions of the nearby cars on the street towards your house, when they smell the aroma of the tea.

You can also walk into the office of the Tea Board of India a Central Govt organization that deals with the promotion, development and trading activities of authentic tea grown and packaged in India.

Explore the Mission Chariali Area of Tezpur City:-

Tezpur might look like a small town at the first glance, but it has its own deceptive charm. There are several local traditional restaurants in and around Tezpur that specialize in 'fish cuisines' (of course served from the Brahmaputra River).

Krishna Foods aka KF is the first mall that came up in Tezpur in 2007. Since then, the town has been dotted with several popular eating joints and restaurants serving both local and national cuisines. Cafe Woodbox and Flames-n-Fumes are among popular restaurants in the area to try out.

Check out the Lumum Falls near Bhalukpong:-

Photo of Tezpur City Guide: 24 Hours in Tezpur 1/1 by Rajat Chakraborty

The best part about Tezpur is that it is very close to the Arunachal Pradesh border and hence quickly accesses the natural treasures of both the states.

The Lulum falls is enroute Tawang, as you enter into Arunachal Pradesh via Bhalukpong. Only an hour away from Tezpur, the Lulum Falls is a scenic drive through picturesque green landscapes on either side of the road.