Bangalore to Tirupati trip. ✌

25th Jan 2020
Photo of Bangalore to Tirupati trip. ✌ by Shilpi Suman

Bangalore to Tirupati trip is our family trip.on 25 th Jan we started our trip at 11 o'clock. we are so excited because after a long time we plan one short family trip. so we started our journey .we book one Inova cab (5 seater cab) which we comfortably enjoying our trip .and the cab driver started the cab .when we entered in Andhra Pradesh there 3 tolls come in this trip. before we entered in the Tirupati we all family members came down from the cab. the cab and all our luggage go through the security checking machine . after that again we start our journey towards Tirupati and now the whole view is changed there are only mountains covered with trees. the roads are full of adventurous and we enjoyed a lot on that road. the view from above the hill is awesome. when we reached on our finale destination I am speechless I saw there is one city build in that mountain. the vibes are so positive. so we finally reached our destination at 6 o clock evening. normally it took 5 hours (251.9 km) but we take some extra time in the middle of the trip where we stop and eat lunch and snacks.

after reaching our destination, we stayed at one Mutt (Sri swami Hathiramji mutt), the facilities of the mutt is very good, the Pandit Ji of the mutt was so nice and kind .the cost of one room is rs 700 .the room was so spacious and comfortable for one family member .actually we took two-room for 5 members but one room was enough for one family so stayed in only one room and we only use another room for charging and using washroom for another day only on the morning.

we freshen up and went for mandir puja .we saw every place and the place is so much cleaner and there is so much positive vibe .after puja we start searching for food. the main and most important things to remember is we have to carry your bottles in the Tirupati because plastic bottles in Tirupati is banned there.

Another day, we start our day with the blessings from one and only Tirupati Balaji Temple, the site that draws all the attention from visitors, Devotees, as well as regular tourists.

After 1 and a half-hour later, we reach in the temple and finally saw the god .we came back same day Bangalore at 8:00 pm.

Day 2

the trip was so much enjoyable and calm when we back from Tirupati we came with lots of positive vibes.