Antwerp Tourism & Travel Guide

6 Days
Antwerp's Must See!

Antwerp – A perfect combination of historic and modern city. As much as it is famous for it...

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European Extravaganza

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About Antwerp

ut the day had not yet got over. We were now headed to the Belgian city of Antwerp known for its diamonds. The first look of the city is magnanimous. Huge statues and structures near the city center. Peter says that Antwerp is known for its fashionable people. No wonder both sides of the streets are crowded with the choicest international fashion brands. Antwerp is more expensive than Bruges and Peter quite funnily says that they make the money in Antwerp and spend it in Brussels! We walked past the famous cathedral in the city center towards the river Scheldt. We sat at the bank of the river, a concrete pavement, and watched the sun set. Everyone was quiet. It was a day well spent and we had no complaints.

Best Time To Visit Antwerp

Best time to visit Antwerp is from June to September

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