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Arrowtown Motel, Arrowtown Holiday Park, Millbrook Resort etc are some of the famous places to stay in Arrowtown....

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A short (and cheap) bus ride away from Queenstown is an absolute darling of a settlement called Arrowtown....

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Top Places To Visit in Arrowtown 21 Spots

Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Rd, Lake Hayes 9371, New Zealand
2. Cycling Trails/ Heritage walk: Once you get down from your bus or car, go to the lakes district museum which is also an I- centre from where you can get the map for walk. You can also hire bi-cycle to drive on the guided cycling trails or just simply Stroll the river front of Arrow. The beauty of Arrowtown is captivating and you cant get over its spell for many days.3. Chinese settlement: The Chinese people came to #Arrowtown during gold rush in 1860’s and build their own settlement. The present settlement has been actually restored and is now a tourist attraction. The huts are constructed with mud bricks, corrugated iron and mortared stone. It has become a historic place that reminds us about the sacrifices Chinese made during gold rush.4. Jade & Opal Factory: It’s the only regional jade factory where you can see the traditional local jewellery and get mesmerized with the large collection of jade, pearls, opal and Paua. The shop is situtated in the centre of Buckingham street.
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1 Searl Lane, Queenstown 9300

Weekend Getaways from Arrowtown  

6. Tablet / small size laptop : Each day in new zealand will give you the chance to click million of pics. Suggest you to carry tablet or laptop with good memory storage to transfer your pictures data every day.

About Arrowtown

1. Buckingham Street: Here you can relax, do chit chat and have coffee. There are intriguing cafes, restaurants and shops which are all local. The street is divided in to the two parts- on left side there is Ramshaw Lane along which arrow river flows. And on the right side of Buckingham Street is the Arrow lane. Unwind Café & Bar, Provisions , Arrowtown Bakery & café are some of the famous cafes. Patagonia Chocolates is a must visit shop awarded for its best ice-creams, decadent deserts and locally roasted coffee which you won’t soon forget.

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