Atlanta Tourism & Travel Guide

Atlanta boasts one of the busiest airports not just in the country but the entire world....

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Atlanta, is the home of Martin Luther King....

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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots


The CNN Head Quarters is one of the highlights of Atlanta. The majestic sign of CNN stands out like a sore thumb in the city.
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The Coca-Cola Company

Best time to visit this place is Christmas because all decorations are holiday inspired and it seems as if you've entered a different world entirely. The tickets are about $14 and there are guided tours inside of the building.
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About Atlanta

A trip I remember most as I did very different stuff..I browsed through Barnes & Nobles more than the shopping malls. I tried various eating spots. I ventured out to places I had never been before. Mostly photos do speak thousand words but the kinda relaxed pace and untouched , quiet places I went to can not be described. It was a wonderful trip since doing nothing or lots as long as that is what you wanna do.And I truly did that...

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