Atlanta Tourism & Travel Guide

1 Day
2 Girls storming Atlanta

Atlanta boasts one of the busiest airports not just in the country but the entire world. We were ...

Gargi Vishnoi
En Route: Following the cast of 'Due Date'

Step 1: Grow a beard (I know you’ll think of something girls) Step 2: Get a dog with a...

Samia Ahmed
2 Days
A Visit To The French Capital Of India - Puducherry

A land-locked city, with all its beauty, grace, and charm, falls short of providing that one aspe...

Bipasha Nath
15 Days
US Cross Country Roadtrip

The Beginning - Miami, FL When I told people that I was gonna drive alone for 14 days across the...

Priyakanth Manda
6 Road Trips Inspired By Iconic TV Shows You Must Take
Instead Of Wasting Your Time On Netflix

Over the years, we have watched, obsessed over and fallen in love with tens and hundreds of TV se...

Sonalika Debnath
Andamans Above The Water!

Andaman and not diving! Weird woman...what is she going to do there? So did me a plenty...! One ...


About Atlanta

A trip I remember most as I did very different stuff..I browsed through Barnes & Nobles more than the shopping malls. I tried various eating spots. I ventured out to places I had never been before. Mostly photos do speak thousand words but the kinda relaxed pace and untouched , quiet places I went to can not be described. It was a wonderful trip since doing nothing or lots as long as that is what you wanna do.And I truly did that...

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