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We took a short stop at Borgarnes for a quick breakfast/lunch before entering the mountainous roads....

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Iceland is one of the most isolated countries in the world....

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Iprottamiostooin, Porsteinsgata 1, Borgarnes

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AkureyriWe took a stop at the town of Isafjordur located near the creek at one of the fjords. Its dramatic landscape surroundings provided a perfect setting for a peaceful and delicious lunch. If not for our already planned trip, we would have definitely stayed here a night or two.We were once again moving as the way to Akureyri was long. During our journey, we came across some amazing landscape which we never encountered before. Iceland greeted us with bright sun, drizzle, thick fog, all on same day. It was as if we were in a fictional world. The drive was longer than we expected and we reached our next home around 1 am. We were on road for around 10 hours and soon retired for the day.The next morning was a quick one and we were once again on the road. The charm of exploring Iceland was insatiable and couldn't keep us away from the wheels for long. We had our breakfast at the outskirts of the city near a river under the perfect surrounding of mountains. Our next destination was Eskifjörður but we had many pit stops to take as the road ahead was filled with adventure and some exciting places to discover.

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In this video, we cover the 4th and last part of our travel. Having completed our round trip through the east-central part of the country, this time we headed north along the western coastal region. The sun was high in the sky with intermittent floating clouds - a perfect day weather wise. The drive was much more scenic. We took a short stop at Borgarnes for a quick breakfast/lunch before entering the mountainous roads.

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