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Please note that the 1.6k is inclusive of accommodation, flights, transports, food, activities and shopping aka everything.  So yes, I traveled Korea...

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Gun-san has everything for everyone. Wonderful sceneries of sea from the islands, series of mountains, well-designed buildings with such modern touch...

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About Bucheon-si

Traveling out of Seoul to take V-train- We took a 5 hours train ride(0-train)out from Seoul that loops around the inland running through Gangwon-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do and Chungcheongbuk-do (10 hours to and fro Seoul) just to see the interior of the Korean Peninsula. It will then stop at Buncheon Station and then we had to alight and get to the V-train. (Seoul > Buncheon Station >V-train(Buncheon>Yangwon>Seungbu>Cheoram>Bucheon)>Bucheon Station>Seoul). It is really damn pretty with valleys covered with snow and river frozen. I think it will be even prettier if it’s autumn! Really amazed by these breathtaking views of natural rocks and cliffs along the steep valleys and mountains. Remember to bring passport along and book in advance because there is limited seats on the train.

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