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Exploring and experiencing Palaui island has been one of the highlights of my entire travel life. It's a place of rugged beauty and intriguing charm...

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With its rolling hills, sea and mountain breeze, and isolated location, Batanes is a dream destination for many. However, limited flights, turbulent...

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Top Places To Visit 11 Spots

Vayang Rolling Hills

These are seemingly endless waves of rolling hills. It boasts of the perfect combination of landscapes and seascapes. Riding straight pass the Cathedral, we drove up to Vayang Rolling Hills - where the view is simply breathtaking. The site provides the best vantage point where you can see the three islands of Batanes.At the same mountain range, we went to Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills. Naidi is an old Sitio derived from the Ivatan words, "Na" meaning Past, "Idi" which settlement or community. Climbing up the lighthouse, it is where we see the view of the whole town proper.
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Abad Street

While waiting for the start of our tour (11 am), we had a walk along Abad Street, where the wet and dry markets are situated. The only fresh fish available during this season (February) are these Flying Fishes. Some dried fish hanging in the market, with some local produce: fruits and vegetables.
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