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to Cardiff to see Ireland’s... to Cardiff costing a week’s wage... on the wall of Cardiff Castle.... A big thanks goes to Cardiff...

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I loved reading books when I was younger and from as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated about the United Kingdom. My brother went...

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Top Places To Visit 4 Spots

Lan Club

The exquisite LAN Club takes up a four-storey neo-classical Baroque building near the Bund, each floor featuring a different yet equally immaculate décor. The European-style seafood restaurant on the top floor is overseen by Michelin two-star chef Yves Mattagne, while the second and third floors are dedicated to Chinese fusion food in a glamorous setting full of traditional Chinese elements. There is also a lounge bar downstairs, perfect for a few drinks after dinner.
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Castle Lane

We walked from the station to the Castle Entrance in town. The walk in itself was beautiful. The town is old and you can find multiple local businesses which have been there for ages. Little dress shops, quaint restaurants, bakeries all adorned with flower baskets and topiaries. You can easily take a bus or a taxi ride, but I highly recommend the 10 minute walk. We got to business straight away. To the castle, got the tickets and went in. Besides my wide eyed grin looking at a castle in flesh, everything was perfect. The weather, the temperatures and the flowers of course. You can do so many things at the castle. Its a complete kid friendly zone and one could find frenzied, costumed kids all over the place. After all they had a real time castle to frolic and play fake princesses. I almost joined in. You can do so much. Take your sandwiches or Aloo Parathas along to make it a picnic. You could take a trek up the multiple towers. The hard work promises fantastic views of the castle and the greens all around. You can see the river Avon and a pretty little boat house. Come back and tell me if you are not inspired to paint! Walk into a display that shows you knights and Richard Neville the Kingmaker is preparing for battle. Its a little spooky with man like statues and voices. If that's your thing,
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About Cardiff

Umm. Cardiff was a rude shock that I live in the reality of the 21st century. After waltzing down roads flanked by 17th century monuments, parading around palaces and standing still at battlegrounds that still echoed distant cries, Cardiff was like a jarring wake-up call on a Sunday morning. I took off into the countryside, escaping the Bangalore-like green shadows on wide avenues, the kind I hadn’t see in five weeks. I sat on the lawns outside Tintern Abbey, staring up at the remains of something someone thought was important a few hundred years ago; now a haunting shell of stone. I tried to recreate Wordsworth’s inspiration, but all I could do was stare. I have a thing for ruined abbeys, I’ve come to realize. High point: VERY good "Gourmet Burger" after a 6-mile walk around Cardiff Bay!


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