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I thus built my entire itinerary in the Western Cape between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth....

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We drove up to the top of the Eastern heads, which is easily accessible by car....

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Bloukrans Bridge

After a stint in Jeffrey’s Bay as surfers, our tour group moved on to our next adventure. The first activity was a brilliant zip lining escapade through canopies and over waterfalls, and second was throwing ourselves off a bridge! I’m glad I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, because otherwise this day would have been a total waste. But, when in South Africa, the best thing to do is throw yourself at things (or off things, as the case may be!) because you never know when you’re likely to get the chance to do them again! The bridge in question is the Bloukrans Bridge, and it is located above the Bloukran’s River, on the N2 Highway at the border of the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape in the Tsitsikamma area of South Africa’s Garden Route. It is officially known as the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee at 216 metres (709ft)! So what does it feel like, I hear you ask? Well to be honest, it wasn’t scary! You know those dreams you have were you feel like you’re falling? That’s what I thought it would feel like. A horrible ‘ohmygodi’mgoingtodie’ kind of feeling. But actually, in the 5 seconds of falling the feeling is more like being weightless. That’s until the bungee snaps you back to reality. I think the worst part of the jump was the bit between the falling and the hanging upside down above a valley. Especially when I had a panic where I thought that my legs were slipping out of the harness (they weren’t). After the guy ‘collects’ you from the drop, and helps you back to solid, um, bridge the adrenaline hits you. It’s like nothing else. I could have done it again! I didn’t…but I could have done! So, do I recommend it? YES! I actually have a little fear of heights, and doing this has actually helped in many respects! And the team at the bridge were all fantastically friendly which made the experience a lot more relaxing. It’s obviously a bit of a laugh watching people cack themselves over and over!
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