Ghana Tourism & Travel Guide

2 Days
Ghana City Tours: Accra's History & Culture

Just like more and more travelers are turning towards South East Asia in search of adventure, Afr...

Charles Sablah
20 Days
Accra, Ghana
Accra, Ghana

I stayed in Hotel-Fiesta Residences during my whole travel period. This is a world class hotel. Y...

Aditya Srivastava
4 Days
Keoladev Ghana National Park – Birds’ paradise

भरतपुर पक्षी विहार जहां पंछियों की परवाज़ और दिलों के साज़ साफ सुनायी देते हैं …  ...

Alka Kaushik
Glimpses of Ethnic attires around the World

All of us carry different identities, dreams, beliefs and follow unique traditions. Let's celebra...

Vasundhara Gupta
1476 Days
A 4-Year Road Trip through Africa

See the mountainous regions of Africa!My 2013-2017 travel plan. Join me anywhereI'll be your driv...

Francis Tapon
1 Day
Quick Africa
Quick Africa

Traveling to the past It is going to be a long day. My morning started with a mild headache but ...

Rutuja Patil

2 days of Marathon meetings and plenary sessions.. with a Chinese dinner on 13th evening. This was a great experience. As soon as the meeting finished on 14th me and David ran towards the airport as we had to catch a flight at 8:30 and we had to report 3 hours prior. The roads were not empty and also not full as we see in India. We took slightly longer to reach the airport. On the way I purchased few Ghanian chocolates "Golden tree" from a roadside vendor. All the Ghanian Cedi I had were supposed to be exchanged at the airport but I me and David were surprised to know that they had just one private exchange stand that too not in the premises. So i waited with our luggage and David exchanged Cedi for both of us. I was relieved. The Kotoka Airport is a small one with only 4 gates. Our flight was from gate 1. I just bought a water bottle from the airport and went to sit near the gate. Although I was hungry nothing seemed tasty on the counters. The flight was late again. So I started with the book sharing a 'made in India' cake and chocolates with David. I encountered 3 Indians who were booked on the same flight. The lobby near the gate was now full and everyone inquired about the flight time. After 1 hour of wait we could board the flight which came from the Freetown Sierra leone. It was nearly 10 pm Ghana time. As soon as I had meal on the flight I shut my eyes to open them before landing at Nairobi, the other day. I was awaiting this day..


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