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The natural wonders around Graskop are some of the best in South Africa. A stay here is necessary as a part of this road-trip, not for the scenery en route but so that you don't miss out on the natural and adventurous wonders around this upcoming tourist destination. Within easy reach from this town lies sights that will probably delight your kids more than the safari at Kruger. God's Window, named so for the panoramic view of the Lowveld, and the Kruger National Park in the distance, is only 9km from Graskop and a must visit to actually understand why this road trip is popular. Mac Mac Pools, located 16km from Graskop are idyllic natural swimming holes in a forest, and a perfect place to chill with the family. The last must-see here is the 25 km long Blyde River Canyon. The third largest canyon in the world, today it offers some amazing views that just cannot be missed. The Blyde River Dam, built at the confluence of Blyde and Ohrigstad Rivers is also visible towards the lower end of the canyon.

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