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Bapatla - District: Guntur It was around 1935 hrs when we reached the town of Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh (India)....

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Crown Is MANDATORY My sweet Darling No pose Only MUSIC That Bridge Is way to Ettipotala water falls,Place where i am standing is Left Canal ....

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Brindavan Gardens, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
The musical dance of the colorful fountains is something you should not miss. The place is wonderful and it is very soothing, not to mention beautiful.
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Guntur District, 33 km from Vijayawada Haritha Berm Park, Guntur 522403
The Krishnasagar Reservoir is one of the largest dams of the country which is built over the Cauvery River in North West Mysore. The Brindavan Gardens is a just a level below the dam and is often considered as the one of the most popular terrace gardens of India. The idea of this lovely place was the brainchild of Sir M. Vishveshwaraiah and Sir Mirza M. Ismail. They were both former dewans of Mysore. The design of the garden features Mughal style parks and garden structures and beautiful fountains line on both sides of the pathway. The Children's Park, Fisheries station and Hydraulic Research Station are some other attractions here. The statue of Goddess Cauvery is considered holy for the city and is also unique one.
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