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We were at Covent Garden when we walked up to a couple of old balding, rounding men at a nearby pub and asked them to simply tell us where to go next! After a drink with the old farts (their words, not mine) and sampling a jacket potato from a meal truck nearby that these guys swore by (Yum!), we headed towards the Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park. Tour-guides, travel groups, health-freaks, young lovebirds, families, free-speech enthusiasts, you can find them all at Hyde Park. Lots of people, lots of stories – in short, a field day for Brandon of the Humans of New York fame, just in case he decided to visit.Next up, were the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge and before I get assaulted with cries of “Cliché!” let me clarify that this was a suggestion from a group of sophomores. You see, Tower Bridge is the one that gets photographed the most as one of London’s quintessential monuments. London Bridge on the other hand is quite unremarkable in its appearance and the sophomores decided it would be hilarious for us to ask unwitting pedestrians for directions to the London Bridge while standing on the London Bridge, Just-for-Gags style. Well, we did sign up for losing our decision-making capabilities and so, we went ahead and did the exact same thing. Except, we didn’t let go after bewildering one sorry pedestrian but carried on doing the same to a couple more unwitting but kind strangers, the last of whom directed us to The Walrus and The Carpenter for dinner, for which I am still very very grateful. Great grub and pub! (Hey, blame the sophomores; we didn’t have a choice!)A couple at The Walrus told us we should visit Carnaby Street next since it was all decked up for the London Olympics 2012. After a slightly long bus ride, we got to Carnaby Street and realized that we weren’t exactly told what to do once we get to Carnaby Street (we almost missed the sophomores here). Well, when in London, do as Londoners do. So we visited a selection of the pubs lining the street and stopped for a drink at each, striking up conversations with random people at these places.

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Best time to visit Hyde Park is from October to April
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