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Anyway, I won't be describing anything about the fort, because I never went there. We were short on time and also really tired. We did climb up a huge staircase to find a temple at the end. From this point we had a 6km trek back and forth for the fort which in now way could have been done in 2hrs without any buffer time. But, we always have backup! Instead we trekked a little futher. Found an amazing spot. Put down our belongings and started crushing Hash. My friend mixed some whisky and coke. I took out my dslr and we started photoshooting. Good music on the portable speakers and great company. Felt like the best possible closure to this trip.We left from Jibhi at 4:30pm. Halted for lunch. We tried a local dish called 'Seedu'. The bread was the softest bread ever. Yummy spicy stuffing with some red coloured onion chutney. Looked great and tasted even better. We also ate local pizza which tasted much much better than Dominos or Pizza Hut. Try everything and anything from this place and you won't be disappointed.

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