Kalimantan Tengah Tourism & Travel Guide

11 Days
Enough with Bali. There are 18,000 other islands in Indonesia and they are equally gorgeous!

Yes. Bali is stunning. There's nowhere quite like it. The temples, the paddy fields, the beaches,...

Trisha Singh
This Rainbow Village In Indonesia Is Here To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Instagram Feed

If you want to adorn your Instagram feed with beautiful pictures, your next trip should be to the...

Tanishka Goel
8 Days
Indonesia: Facing My Travel Fears

I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my beloved Europe. Yet I longed to tick Asia off some...

Kirsten Alana
15 Days
Indonesia: An Island Adventure

Batu Balig, BaliFlores Island, indonesiaFlores, LabuanbajoIsand between Flores and RinceJava at n...

Dave @ Travel Transmissions
6 Days
One Week in Yogjakarta & Solo, Indonesia

Yogjakarta is so much more than Borobudur. This is my second trip to the city and I got to see so...

Dianne Goh
17 Days
A travel guide to the Indonesian Islands

Offbeat way of exploring a country is always charming. Indonesia is a country blessed with natura...

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Wow Borneo
Jalan Barito No 11, Palangkaraya 73112
Gereja Imanuel
Desa Saka Mangkahai, Kecamatan Kapuas Barat, Kuala Kapuas 73552
Bukit Tangkiling
Jl. Tjilik Riwut km 34, Palangkaraya
Jl. Pemuda Km. 1,5, Kuala Kapuas 73516
Orangutan Rainforest
Edy Swargono Road, Pangkalan Bun 74112

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