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It is hard to believe that just 19kms from the chaos of Pauri is an "island of sedateness", where we can either lie soaking in the sun or do some vigorous walking in the dense out forest named as KHIRSU.As adrenaline rush flooded inside me so I decided to trek down the Kandoliya Hills of Pauri and reach this tiny hidden Garhwali Jewel. As i was walking in the pine forest, I couldn't see the sky above me only the shattered light from in between the trees gives a splendours view of the forest. The elegant spruce covered with ferns and bright green moss, apple trees, bunch of mushrooms in the dark and damp forest give me a fairytale like feeling. I was feeling like a 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' where my wonderland lies in this journey... I could see my dreams come into reality.Finally after dreaming( trekking) for about 1hrs, I reached the hidden jewel khirsu... and the place is seriously a hidden jewel... one can feel like being in heaven after reaching this place. It is far and far from the noisy pollution of the city and the village... it is somethings like we see in fairy tales...Apart from journey the destiny was itself like a child's world.. As far as my I could see snow-laden mountains,different types of birds species.I stayed for one day in khirsu at GMVN Tourist Rent House,Khirsu. I just visited the Ghandiyal devta and then just listened to the sounds of whistling of leaves and chirping of birds while lying and soaking in the sun.Next morning I got up at 5am to see the beautiful morning of Khirsu and alass I was treated with the beauty which I could never forget in my life. It was all in front of me how clouds mixed with the sun rays and the whole place being painted in different colours slowly. I just got my camera prepared and started taking photographs of this unexplainable beauty.Finally it was the time to leave this heaven and go back.. But the memories and experience of this trip will forever remain with me.....In the end i could just say that Khirsu is a less travelled road as you can not find a Bisleri bottles, Coke cans or Chocolate and chips wrappers to disfigure the forest paths.

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