Khiva Tourism & Travel Guide

Khiva – The slave city of Central Asia

Khiva (pronounced as “Hiva”), a city well known for its brutal history of being one o...

Gina And Daniel
Off-beat destination 101: Uzbekistan

Kalon MinaretAbdul Aziz MederssaCarpets on Sale in BukharaKhivaArk Of BukharaUzbek…what? I am sur...

Samia Ahmed
46 Days
London (UK) to Jammu (India) Road Trip

When in Iran, do as the Iranians do :-)Driving thru IranHike to THE WAVEZoroastrian Fire Temple (...

1 Day
Travelling Through the Ancient Country, Uzbekistan

Though not the usual or popular travel destination, Uzbekistan is still considered as one of the ...

Stella Holmes
Route into, Gread Silk Road Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Turkmenistan

Great Silk Road As a Destination Management Company Sole Vita in Central Asia we offer you the se...

Sole Vita Ltd.
Nip across to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an unexpected delight! And we only scratched the surface. Had we delved deeper into...


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