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Enroute to Kushinagar, one can visit visit Vaishali, where five years after his Enlightenment, the Buddha was received here by the Lichchavi nobility. The road is across the long bringe over the Ganga, Vaishali was one of the first republican states in the world. It was in Vaishali that women were for the first time ordained into the Sangha. A relic casket containing the ashes of the Buddha found here are now housed in the Patna Museum. Amrapali, the famous courtesan, earned the respect of the Sangha and a place in history with her generous donation. Vishali is also renowned as the place that the Buddha delivered his last sermon following a serious illness. Here is located the Relic Stupa, where the Lichchavis reverently encased one of the eight portions of the Master’s relics they received after the Mahaparinirvana.

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