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Top Places To Visit in Lakshadweep 16 Spots

Agatti Beach, Laksadweep, 68255
Lying on the wombs of the blue sea is Agatti Island- approximately 68 kms from Kavaratti and 320 kms off the coast of India. The ride here is mesmerizing and you can expect to see everything from fishesto crabs and floating reefs all through the way. Blessed with biodiversity, the 5.6 kms long island is rich on a long-ranging flora and fauna. Being the only island with an airport is what makes Agatti one of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep. Try hiring a travel guide to visit the island else half the history of the place gets left behind. Time runs slow here, making you enjoy your solitude and time away from the regular din fruitful. Adventures unravel here, and if you are looking for an unusual vacation, you can blindly trust the scenic beauty of this isle. Sea turtles, multi colored fishes and corals are abundant here, so don’t forget to pack your camera for your trip.
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Amindivi Subgrou
Right in the lap of nature lay Kadmat Island. Just 150 kms away from Kalpeni, the clear waters surrounding the isle is enough to keep you captivated all day all night long.Water sports are so abundant by the beach that it will eventually leave you tossing to come to a decision. The island is big on landscape and scenery, just as the water below is brewing with marine life. Reefs are one of the many places to discover here. Winds blow strong, creating a typical sound against the waves. The rhythm that follows is one that should not be missed.Kadmat Island is one of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep.The 8 kms long atoll will make a great time come out of your vacation here. Magnificent with lime stones, it is in the news for the sandy beaches and the sea banks ideal for sunbath. An entire universe altogether, the island is a right site to vanish from your mundane life.
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About Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep literally translates into '1,00,000 islands', and despite its many bounties, remains off the beaten path for travellers. Its relatively isolated nature has helped in preserving the marine and coral life of the area. As one of the best destinations for snorkelling in India, dive centres in Lakshadweep also provide professional courses in scuba diving, surfing and snorkelling. The Bangaram and Kadmat Islands are renowned as ideal snorkelling spots.Dive centre:Lakshadweep Diving Academy – Location: Kavaratti, Phone: 04896 262 005Know Before You GoThe approximate cost for a 30-minute snorkelling session ranges from Rs 750 (in Andamans and Lakshadweep) to Rs 1,500 (in Goa). Pre-bookings are not necessary, but if you are visiting during the peak season (November to March) give the dive centre a call beforehand. Though snorkelling in India can be done throughout the year, but if you are aiming at good sightings, then skip the monsoon season as the water gets murky and visibility reduces significantly due to rains.

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Best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to May

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