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Bangkok is arguably the most exotic destination of South East Asia....

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Bangkok is not just a place to party around.......surely is a has other side too....

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Every traveller is involuntarily partial to one particular destination in the world. For me, that spot has perennially been occupied by Bangkok. The city has taught me every travel lesson in the book. Right from helping me become street smart to reading maps like an expert. It has also turned me into a master of sorts when it comes to playing impromptu rounds of dumb charades with the non-English speaking locals. I am now capable of emulating accents like a pro, much to the amusement of my acquaintances. And then, I firmly believe that Bangkok could award degrees in the art of bargaining considering how it is a major learning centre for the same. Take a trip to the massive wonder known as the Chatuchak Weekend Market and you will know exactly what I am hinting at.
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The next day, head to Chatuchak market. It's better than any market you've ever imagined. There's all sorts of stuff on sale from the fashion things to home decor to reptiles and cactuses and birds and water creatures. There's a load of neat stuff to eat at well. Stuff yourself, because yolo right? Now, if you can make your way out of the Chatuchak maze, try the river cruise.
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