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Day2 After a comfortable stay by the promenade with hygienic food to offer one has to wake up early the next morning to submerge in the divine feel of Rameswaram temple ,bow to the divine settings and get spiritually healed....

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Rameswaram, is a very small town....

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This is one of the holiest Shiva Shrines and is the southernmost shrine out of the 12 lingams of outh India. This is near the Rameshwaram Sethu on the Pamban Island. This is the same place where Lord Rama is said to have performed sacrifice for Lord Shiva to seek salvation after having killed the Demon King Ramana. This is when Lord Rama sent Hanumana to bring an idol of Lord Shiva from Benaras but he did not come on time. So, Mother Sita made a lingam out of sand and this was known as the Ramalingam. This is the main idol in the Ramanathaswamy Temple. The Gandamadam or Hanumaneshwar idol is also inside one of the shrines and the Vishveshwar Linga which was brought down by Hanuman is also there. This lingam is worshipped even before the Ramalingam everyday. This temple is often compared with the Kashi or Benaras Vishveshwar Temple.
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Agni Teertham, Tamil Nadu
I reached my hotel (Hotel Vinayaga), friendly staff. I went into the room , refreshed and moved towards the temple, it was morning 8:30 I guess. It was 1.2 Kms away from the hotel. I decided to walk, following the Google maps. I went through a local bazaar, looked at people. It was all very calm, noone was staring at me. People were busy with their daily routine stuff. I reached the temple and decided to follow the suit. Before going to the temple, its a custom to first take a dip in Agnee Teertham (i.e. Bay of Bengal) and then take shower in the 22 wells inside the temple and then change and then you can do darshan.I walked towards Bay of Bengal, saw many people were bathing. I decided to walk a little towards right, away from the crowd. I saw there were many fisherman pulling the jaal (fish net). I was delighted to see the way they were pulling the net. The synchronization of the feet, the chorus, it was such a balanced effort, the words of the songs, the hand movements, the foot movement, amazing synchronization.
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About Rameshwaram

An island in the Gulf of Mannar region, Rameshwaram is joined with the mainland with the help of the Pamban Beach. The main attraction here is the Rama Temple after the name of whom the place was named Rameshwaram. It is said that after slaying Ravana, Lord Rama came here to seek forgivance for his act of slaying Ravana. This is where the temple is built and the temple has 22 wells. The number defines the number of arrows in Rama's quiver. The temple is marked with huge pillars and magnificent corridors. The third corridor is said to be the longest in the world. The other attractions here are the beaches known as the Olaikoda, Dhanushkodi and the Pamban Beaches. The main activities you can enjoy here are scuba diving, migratory bird- watching. You can also enjoy conch collection and fishing here.

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Best time to visit Rameshwaram is from September to February

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