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After a while of fun in the water we headed back into the fort and there we found this tall tower painted white and partially destroyed which we assumed as the Church tower we were looking for. on the way to Revdanda Revdanda beach with the fort wall at backdrop Inside Revdanda fort Revdanda beach Church tower inside Revdanda fort By evening, roughly a couple of hours before the sunset we started off from Revdanda towards Kashid which was some 25 Kms further south....

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Revdanda Beach
Revdanda is a secluded beach. We were the only tourist there. We spent some time there, clicked lots of photos. I personally didn’t like the beach much as it was not maintained properly and was very dirty. We went to the Revdanda Fort next. The fifteenth century Portuguese fort is just beside the Revdanda beach. The Fort walls are still intact although the inner structure is almost all destroyed. You can get down in the beach from the fort. The view from here is good. You can see the mountain touching the sea in distance. You can seat in the rocks, it’s like seating above sea.
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Revdanda Fort, Revdanda, Maharashtra 402202, India
After spending a good couple of hours inside exploring the fort, we hit the road again towards Kashid. Our next stop was in Revdanda where we wanted to do a quick check on this old Portuguese church that we found on google map, but what we discovered there was more than that.As we took off from the main road in search of the church, we were little aware that we were actually entering the ruins of a Portuguese fort. There were houses here and there amidst dense plantations and this one particular house had a grand but partially ruined Portuguese style entrance which we initially mistook for the church. As we went further inside a narrow alley , we could hear the distinguishing sound of waves breaking nearby. We walked towards the fort wall, where we a found a breach in it that lead us into to the beach. We found ourself awestruck in that strange and isolated beach with black sand and clear water. Coming straight from Alibag beach, this one felt like an heaven and we couldn't resist ourself getting into the water. Very soon one more group of wanderers and a couple of local folks too joined us in the beach. After a while of fun in the water we headed back into the fort and there we found this tall tower painted white and partially destroyed which we assumed as the Church tower we were looking for.
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A ferry and a bus ride away from Mumbai, this hamlet is a much welcomed break for folks who love to relax on beaches with a dash of adventure owing to the forts around the vicinity which prove to be good spots for exploring. Unlike the tourist thronged stretches of Alibaug, Revdanda is comparatively secluded with not many people around to disturb the peace and quiet you’re looking for.

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