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The first stop on this scenic route was the much anticipated Living Root Bridge. It is exactly what the name says, a bridge made of aerial roots of Banyan Fig trees which grows stronger with each passing day. In one of the wettest regions of our country, the locals have shaped the roots of many such trees to form natural bridges to cross rivers and connect villages. This beauty blew me away. So majestic and yet so simple. An extension of two trees twirling into each other. They just stood there tall and strong watching as the world passes by. If we sit quiet awhile, I’m sure they’ll share a few stories with us.Few Pointers: This Bridge is the most easily accessible for tourists and will take a 10 min walk from the parking lot. It can get a little tricky when it rains to tread your way down. So be careful. Also carry a bottle of water. If you have more time, then do visit the other Root Bridges spread out over Meghalaya. There are even Root Ladders. :oMawlynnong:

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Best time to visit Riwai Village is from October to May
Riwai Village

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