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15 Days
Visiting Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines

Tara and I spent some time doing research to really be clear on what we want to accomplish and ge...


Vigan, a small town 203.1 km away from Sagada, is a wonder. This is the most charming city of Philippines due to the rustic old architecture influenced by Spanish colonization. The Spanish captured and settled in Vigan in 1572, and it soon became a centre of Spanish political and religious power in the north of Luzon. The Mestizo District offers a peek into the Philippines' colonial past. The ancestral houses were mostly built by blending local, Asian and Spanish architectural styles. The old houses and cobblestone streets are not something you get to see each day. The horse carriages add to the feeling of being transferred to an old era in time. You can learn to mold pots or visit St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral, an earthquake baroque styled cathedral. As the name suggests, the design is intended to minimize earthquake damage. You can also see Plaza Salcedo, some city buildings and beautiful fountain in this area.

About Sabangan

When we got to Sabangan, we met our couchsurfing host, Russell. We visited the house of a lady weaver, who is part of his projects, Trashure. He also treated us to dinner and he and Tara shared expenses for the chips and beer for our evening’s conversation about community projects, love, life, travel, and passions.

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