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We arrived at ancient site with a curious and ambiguous mind and we rushed into ticket booking counter and bought tickets and an audio guide and we headed to Stonehenge. Actually we shocked to see the circle of people around the circle of stones which we didn't expect it as the all the way to Stonehenge was not crowded.However we started exploring the place with the help of audio guide and I translated the explanation and history to my parents and walked around the stones. Each stone was numbered and while pressing the number on the audio guide will give you the detailed history of each stone and surrounding place, it includes, ritual significance, astronomical perspective, layout of each stones etc. People were restricted to go near to gigantic stones.It was possible early in the 20th century, but later it was blocked due to the safety and maintenance of it. I focused on history of the stones, but back of my mind, I was thinking about the aliens and searching for the foot prints.Suddenly I saw something in black color and round shape that was slowing moving on the ground next to the stones. I know I saw it clearly, but not fully visible, My mind was trembling and I zoomed the camera and checked it out. It was a poor black bird looks like crow. Again, my excitement went down because I could not even see anything related to aliens footprint or any marks on the stones.

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