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As the rains started blurring everything around, our tent stood completely unprotected, facing the full wrath of the rain strikes. Lakshay took refuge inside, while I found a little spot under a canopy of an unoccupied tent nearby. It was only after I had settled down that I realized how beautiful and perfect the spot was. An impatient river. The dancing hills. The song of rains. And the solitude of books - Time slowed down as we spent the next couple of hours in complete trance.Everything is silent post such a gush. Birds contemplate if it is safe enough to continue with their daily exploration. The hens and ducks start foraging around for little bugs. The rain has ceased for the moment, but the mild breeze continues to refresh the surrounding with tiny droplets that it carries around. The fishermen are brought into action. Everything is silent. And everything is alive.

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