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Yogjakarta is so much more than Borobudur....

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Jl. Dr. Rajiman, Punggawan, Solo, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57111, Indonesia
Visiting the Danar Hadi Batik Museum was really an eye opening experience. I learned a lot more about batik and got to see some amazing pieces. Photos are not allowed so we didn't take any, but we were so fascinated by the different types of batik from all around Indonesia that we didn't bother whipping out our phones anyway. We had a good guide who explained how to tell the difference between batik from Jogja and batik from Solo. The owner named the museum and shop "Danar Hadi" after his wife. He owns 10,000 pieces of batik and displays 1,000 of them in the museum. And he changes the batik around when he feels like it.There's also a restaurant next to the museum and the food's pretty good.
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Baluwarti Village, Kliwon Market District, Solo
We visited the palace next, and honestly I wasn't very impressed. It was old and not well maintained at all. I felt like I was stepping into Miss Havisham's house. I think you can give this place a miss.
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We flew into Solo the night before, and started the first day's activities first thing in the morning. The candis (temples), teahouse and the waterfall are located near each other, and are about 1 hour away from Jogja. So I don't recommend starting your visit to them in the late morning or early afternoon. If you're following this itinerary for example, and you're heading in from Jogja in the late morning or early afternoon, I recommend doing the Day 2 activities of my itinerary on Day 1 instead.

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