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You’ve probably seen the films, tasted the wines, and heard about someone who went there for their last vacation. Can’t blame them for droning on – there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who have been to Tuscany and those who will (soon) go there someday. We had a lovely friend Sarah Newman (who works in the tourism and hospitality space) arrange a few things for us last minute and if you are looking for someone to plan you a holiday in the region, she might be a good person to reach out to. Florence! You could spend a lifetime here and not cover a fraction of the art here. They are still discovering new things at the Uffizi I am sure. The best part about this city is that the art isn’t always confined to the museums. You can just walk about and see art everywhere and it is no lesser than the art you pay to see. The churches are a treasure-trove of paintings and sculptures and Saint Ignacio with its trompe l’oeil ceiling comes to mind. Free. San Miniato and its cemetery where the creator of Pinochio is buried (Carlo Lorenzini). Free. The Piazzale Michelangelo for a sweeping view over the city. Free. The wild boar statue that you will go and rub the snot off to bring you luck: also free. The Academia where the original David and some other art works are housed: pricey and totally not worth it. Parking in Florence is a messy affair and if you are driving in, park at the Michelangelo square on top – it may be a walk down to the city but it’s free 24/7 (but check still). Anywhere else and you will be feeding parking meters all day. Walking down from the square to the city is easy but for the way up, figure out the bus route, unless you want the exercise. I strongly recommend the Uffizi but I stronger-ly recommend reserving tickets online, or best yet, to book a guided tour. Get a good guide and you will skip queues as also the clutter that art can create when so much of it is concentrated over such a large space. Sarah might be able to help otherwise

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Best time to visit Tuscany is from March to June


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