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UdayGiri:“Health, contentment, and trustAre your greatest possessions,And freedom your greatest joy.” Just like Lalitgiri, Udaygiri is also situated on a small hilltop. The picturesque green valley at once comforts the spectators. At the foothill, there is an ancient step well; bare feet, we went down the staircase, the deep water looked green due to the abundance of algae and scum. A brick pathway by the side of the step well led to the main excavation point. The panoramic view of the green hills offset by the relics and statues made us one with the Nature here. Tranquility and peace prevailed over Udaygiri reminding us of the days when thousands of pupils used to live here making their way to the higher path of learning. Altogether 14 stupas have been unearthed here along with numerous small statues and inscriptions. A local villager guided us as there was no one inside the large ASI compound, he described the historical aspects of the place in broken Hindi and Bengali. The inhabitants, very rightly, take pride to the seat of ancient civilization here.Ratnagiri:“Be lamps unto yourselves. Be refuges unto yourselves.Take yourself no external refuge.Hold fast to the truth as a lamp.Hold fast to the truth as a refuge.”

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