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(Umden Village-Silkworm Eri Rearing):This was the longest drive in my entire roadtrip. 130km in 4hrs was what I had covered. Umden is on the Shillong-Guwahati route with a detour of around 25km from Nongpoh. At first I had certain doubts about visiting Umden and whether it would gel in as the perfect end to a more than perfect trip. It did and I was more than happy not to have skipped it. The drive was scenic like all the other routes in Meghalaya were and I had to take a couple of halts for refreshments and fuel. On reaching Umden I met my host to guide me to the bamboo hut for my stay. The road upto the remote village Umden was pretty good. As I was being taken towards my place of stay, the road started to turn from good to bad to no road at all. The final patch of 1 km was having no road at all. It was just grass and some stones to cover wet mud, I must say that a Bullet is the perfect bike in such conditions, not once did it topple. When I reached the room, which was in the middle of a dense forest on a small cliff some 3km away from Umden Village, I found out that this was the closest one could get with nature. After having freshened up, I went to the nearby Silkworm rearing centre. I decided to walk down so that I could have a true experience. After a tiring walk, I reached the local handloom factory where silk is taken out from the silkworm and weaved. The peculiarity of this place is that the villagers still practice the tradition of extracting raw silk from the silkworm without killing it. Umden is one of the very few silk producing areas that still practices this methodology. Most other silk producing areas do not practice this form of silk production because it is time consuming and hence not viable for commercial purposes. Umden has this amazing speciality. I returned back to the room and then prepared to get in touch with reality of the hustle and bustle in Mumbai!

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