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Top Places To Visit 6 Spots

Bogmalo Beach

The Bogmalo beach is one of the beaches in South Goa. it is also one of the quieter and less crowded beaches. A beautiful scenery and the well behaved waves make it a pleasant sunny visit. Only make sure you have enough sunscreen on, because the sun is unforgiving!
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Johns Seagulls

John's Seagull is one of my favorite places in Goa. The food is great (do try the golden fried prawns). The beer is good. The music is good. You can play pool when you're bored. You can take a stroll on the beach. You can stay late if you know the owner (which I do) and he serves drinks on the house (to only those he knows, and only after the places has officially shut down).
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About Vasco da Gama

On the western tip of Goa and Mormugao peninsula lies the lively port city of Vasco Da Gama. Even though the city itself is busy and dusty, a few places justify halting here for a day before getting your Goa trip started. Just behind Dabolim airport is the Bogmalo beach, small and quaint, but pretty nevertheless. If you want a little privacy, pay a visit to the Velsao Beach. It is not touristy and you may even spot a dolphin or two here. For a spectacular view of the sea, climb up a few stairs to visit the Japanese Garden on a hillock on a breezy evening. The Naval Aviation Museum behind the airport is a great way to pass time if you are interested in the history of Indian Naval Aviation. Vintage air crafts, helicopters and vessels preserved here will give you a taste of the heritage of the port city. Another must-see is the ancient St. Andrews Church in Vasco da Gama. The walls are adorned with beautiful azulejos and the cemetery is maintained well. If nothing else, a relaxing walk on the beach will make Vasco Da Gama absolutely worth it.

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