10 kinds of travellers we all know and love


All of us have a unique style of travelling; all of us also have a set of people we love travelling with and a few others we hate holidaying with. The crux being that there are different kinds of travellers and though we hate some and love some, we just can’t do without any of them.

The budgetmaker

From flight tickets to hotel tariffs to splitting meal bills, this traveller will do it all! And happily so. Every morning, he is the first person to enter your room to collect the moolah for the day, he is also the first to say “Oh no, that’s not included in the group budget” but he’s also the one to know if you can afford a visit to the finest restaurant in town.  The budget planner is perhaps the most annoying person in the group but trust me, it’s impossible to plan a decent, budget trip without this logical ‘miser’.

Photo of 10 kinds of travellers we all know and love 1/6 by Kirat S
Credit: Kate Ter Haar

Tip: Listen to what the budget maker says but if you want to try something new - don't be afraid to shell out cash!

The “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” traveller

Yes, this is that traveller. To be honest, we are all laidback and lazy when holidaying but this one takes laziness to another level. Always behind schedule and unfazed by the casualness, this traveller can get on your nerves. For those who have a schedule to follow or like going by the clock, always keep buffer time for this one. Many a museums, sightseeing tours have been missed waiting for this time traveller.

Tip: Always lie to this one. Tell him incorrect timings for everything and perhaps he will be on time.

The couple

From the time you begin planning your vacation till the moment you need to go home – these two will not leave each other. They eat together, sit together, go on walks together, party together, get angry at the same things and just can’t seem to get enough of eachother even with a bunch of people around.

Photo of 10 kinds of travellers we all know and love 2/6 by Kirat S

They will drive you mad with their sweet nothings, inside jokes and cute selfies! You’ll always see them together and yes, conversations will include both of them (whether you like it or not).

Tip: Coax one of them to try something that he/she just can’t say no to!

The quiet one

You won’t notice this traveller until later when you are going through the pictures of your vacation. Be it a night at the club or a day at the beach, this one is so quiet that sometimes you forget she’s on a trip with you. Though it’s great since everyone should enjoy their holiday exactly the way they’d like to, sometimes you wish there was an iota of participation from the quiet one. Very rarely will there be suggestions about food or places to visit; since this one is miraculously alright with everything!

Photo of 10 kinds of travellers we all know and love 3/6 by Kirat S
Credit: Francisco Osorio

Tip: If you want to just take in the serenity of the place without vocally admiring it, this is your go-to person.

The photographer

Photo of 10 kinds of travellers we all know and love 4/6 by Kirat S

“A little to the left, accha thoda right”, “Capture the light na, yaar”, “Yes coming, just one more shot”! Phew!

Consider yourself lucky if you see your photographer friend’s face during your vacation. The camera is this traveller’s only real companion and everyone else just happens to be there. The creator of your superb travel album and your perfect profile picture, the credit for the ooh’s and the aah’s you receive on your breath taking pictures goes to him.

Tip: It would be unfair to take the artist away from his tools; so become his muse and spend time with your photographer buddy!

The Instagrammer

“Which filter should I use here?” The instagrammer is going to chronologically document each moment of your trip on social media! Threatening, hiding phones or sulking will come to no good since those moments will be documented as well. The best thing to do with your Instagram-obsessed friend is to pose, enjoy the moment and choose the correct filter.

Photo of 10 kinds of travellers we all know and love 5/6 by Kirat S

Tip: Want a group picture, call out to this one. Whether she is in the picture or not, doesn’t count for much as long as there is a new picture on Instagram every hour!

The “Yay! I am so excited” traveller

Even the most boring hours on a trip will be made fun by this enthusiastic traveller. From “oh look, an elephant” to “Yay, uncle chips”, the excited traveller brings in energy (sometimes more than required). His chirpiness may bother you and even exasperate you but in his absence, you will notice how awesome it is to have him around.

Sometimes it’s great to have someone who sees the humour in losing directions and eating horrible food!

Tip: If the excitement gets too much, either directly tell the person or join the fun!

The adventurous one

You may find her on top of a cliff ready to jump or exploring a hidden spot that everyone missed! The adventurous one is up for anything and makes the trip so much more fun. Beyond the ordinary, this one seeks and finds excitement where there is none! Surprisingly this traveller doesn’t need an adventurous place or tons of activities to pump up her vacation, any place will do and any activity can become an adventure!

Photo of 10 kinds of travellers we all know and love 6/6 by Kirat S

Tip: The need to make things exciting may get to you but it’s totally worth it!

The grumpy one

Be it the weather, the food or the people – the grumpy one always finds a reason to sulk. “Arre, this room is so small”, “Why is it so cold here” are some of the things you'll hear him say. If you happen to catch the grumpy one in a bad mood(it's possible), you are in for a long session of cribbing. Everyone has a moment of grumpiness on trips but perpetual sulking is not only annoying, it’s exhausting. Nothing makes this traveller happy and nothing is good enough and yet one simply can’t do without him!

Tip: Don’t join the cribber in the cribbing, instead find humour in the constant sulking and cheer up your grumpy buddy!

The cautious one

Before you are about to do something new, eat something unique or explore something unknown, a small yet firm voice will prompt you, “are you sure about that?”. Meet your cautious traveller. With umpteen emergency kits, medicines, money, hidden money, maps and a huge list of do’s and don’ts, this traveller may save you from a lot of trouble but also limits you from trying a number of things!

Though everyone needs a cautious traveller to avoid any untoward and unnecessary adventure, it is sometimes necessary to take a risk to discover something new – the catch is in finding the perfect balance.

Tip: Assure your cautious traveller about your actions when you are sure that things are perfectly in control. And once in a while, do give this cautious soul a listen – it may do your trip a lot of good!

Phew! This was fun! So many memories and so many fellow travellers who fit perfectly into this list and yet a traveller can be all of these or a combination or none of the above.