TRAVEL…. From the Whys to being wise!!!! 

Photo of TRAVEL…. From the Whys to being wise!!!!  1/1 by Rajani Rai

Have you ever wondered why do people love travelling? Why can’t some people stay at one place? What is it that makes people plan their next travel getaway, while being in one…? These words do echo in my mind every now and then… And the best thing is I relate to them completely.

What is it that makes me feel good being anonymous in an unknown place…. Why do I feel happy climbing mountains? What is so special about watching the sunset and sunrise at different places? Why do I feel so lost gazing the stars at 16000 ft. and still do not worry about it.

Travelling can either be a hobby, a recreation, an interest for people... But for me it’s passion... So close to heart… to get lost and find one self. I travel for the unknown as there are lots to reveal in life.

I do not want to travel the “best destinations” or the high end places. Rather would want to experience the less travelled roads... Less climbed mountains… and less seen people. I would want to get down the streets and experience their culture, the rich food and be one of them.

To start with, I have traveled with friends, family and also had a solo trip… Leisure and a backpacker trip. And I can proudly say that each travel experience has taught me something or the other. I have learnt to be more cautious, and live in the present at the same time… after all they say, it’s not about the destination but about the journey. Travelling has given me the “me” time… I have read books while travelling, heard my favorite songs again and again… had an awesome conversation with strangers. It has changed the impatient and anxious me into a more patient and a joyful person. … And by the end of all these I realized that every person has something to teach you… Travel has also taught me how to be disciplined. To view a sunrise and capture the rays falling on the mountains, I need to be awake at 4am. To reach a certain destination, I need to walk quickly.

Almost everybody has problems and is fighting in their life but has a brave face. Respecting each person’s views, no matter how different they are from mine is what travelling has taught me.

Everything that is wonderful in life doesn’t necessarily cost a penny. Unless, you have learnt to stay with the minimal, you wouldn’t appreciate the “big” in life. I did experience this when I had to stay in the mountains for 18 days… an experience that I would recommend everyone to grab.

I have enjoyed every sunset, be it after climbing a mountain, a rock or watching it sink down the sea. Sometimes, all you need is beautiful goodbyes in life… which the nature has taught me. Travelling is like breathing… breathing fresh air, being with people yet aware of your inner self.

“You don’t know what you have got, unless it’s gone”… Never take anything for granted, so appreciate everything in life… Be it your one room apartment or the food that the cook makes. I have survived eating the basic food for a month and slept in a wet sleeping bag on snow… But it has only made me strong… so strong to realize that - at the end, the fittest of all, survives.

I still don’t know why I like climbing mountains; maybe they teach you a lot… why the sunsets and sunrises seem different at different places… may be because they tell you no matter what after “goodbyes” you also have different “hellos”… Probably I need to travel some more to unlock those thoughts.