Who stopped Alexander the Great in India?

28th Feb 2019
Photo of Who stopped Alexander the Great in India? by TraveLo

I’m sure most of us have travelled to Manali quite a lot if you love mountains. One single river that you will always notice is Beas river. It keeps flowing just next to the road that takes you to Manali. Have you ever wondered if this river were the same if you go up to its origin?

And the answer is IT IS NOT!!!

This picture is from Vyas Kund base camps which is around 30 kilometres from Manali and establishes the origin of Beas river as Vyas Kund. The lake was named after Rishi Vyas who wrote The epic Hindu mythology Mahabharat. He was the son of rishi Prashar who is known as the father of Hindu Astrology. Local stories like this make more curious to travel and explore more and find out even interesting stories. During the trail, somehow I feel connected to the story and could imagine living it too. In this picture, you can also see the hanuman tibba glacier range. Hanuman tibba is the highest peak of Dhauladhar mountain range in Himalayas. .

In the last couple of months, I have travelled to Manali around three times already but it’s disheartening to see so much pollution in Beas river that Is crystal clear when you do this trek. We are harming our nature in all ways possible. THIS MUST STOP ✋

before we ruin for my future generations.

I know we can’t change it at once but we can always try to do our bit. Say No to plastic when travelling to mountains..

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Day 1

This is just magical to see how this small water stream turns to become one of the biggest and ferocious rivers in Himachal Pradesh feeding into Indus River. This is Beas river at it origins. One of the best treks I have done so far and would love to do it all over again as soon as possible. The water stream is very calm and pleasing at its beginning and as soon as it reaches Manali, it becomes violently disturbed as if the river doesn’t like it. I believe that’s because of us who have been exploiting nature for years and taking natural resources for granted yet not stopping at all. Last few days have taught very important lessons to human kind. Snow capped Himalayan mountains visible from cities far far away. The nature reclaiming its own space with wildlife walking on the streets of the cities. The Ozone layer recovering too fast due to less pollution. The rivers are cleaner than ever in decades. It actually proves if we are more responsible, sustainable growth is completely practical and achievable.

This is such an irony to see that this is all achieved when we still have our essentials either provided or already with us. That also proves all those problems we had been facing for years are actually because of non essential practices by humans. So, Take a pledge to yourself and understand that humans are born to coexist and not take things for granted and not to be mean to our other co-living beings. .


Be a responsible traveller and Save earth! What do you think about it?

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What’s beyond those snow capped mountains?

This is the reason I keep coming back to you.

The more I travel, the more I am closer to you.

Day 3

Nature is always at its best when you are up in the mountains. You are disconnected from the world yet you are connected to your own self being and think about life and more!! It’s good to be lost sometimes when you’re seeking who you really are?

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I love you!!

I think most of the people on earth are living to find its real meaning.

I believe there’s is nothing more overrated than love in this world.

Starting from a cute little dog of your neighbors and say “Awww! I love you doggo” without thinking twice to your Hollywood crush of the long hairs of Kurt Cobain and loving him in your imaginary world.

I Love You, is just the most abused phrase of all time.

Is it that feeling you happened to experience when you first laid your eyes on her in your college or elsewhere?

This is my belief!

Love is more than just a feeling or an emotion! If you ever loved someone in your life. You literally tend to feel connected to love forever. It has no ending and it lasts forever.

You tend to enjoy life to the fullest from that moment.

You may get it or you may not. This is subjective but you would still go through it and enjoy every bit of it.

Sometimes, it’s good to set some impossible targets in your life. You may not achieve it but you always turn out to become a better person in the zeal of your attempts.

But we are human who always make mistakes and let the guilt pass over time. I think that’s human nature and can never be compared to love that we felt in the first place. Now, I feel so loved when I am standing right there in those beautiful landscapes and in the lap of nature! .

What’s your definition of love?

Photo of Who stopped Alexander the Great in India? by TraveLo

Eat Pray & TraveLo because Love ain't something YOU need to find. This is the story of a man trying to change his world and trying to grasp sand in his hand. The more he tries, the harder it gets. In the race of money, he forgot a lot of things. .Love, friends and family seems so overrated now. He seeks for a moment of pleasure that gives him immense happiness but only for some time. Thereafter, he goes with the flow. He came across many ripples but his eagerness to that pleasure kept him flowing. Sometimes, he tries to get out of it but the inertia of that momentary pleasure attracts him. Moreover, there is no one with him to understand his point of view. .He knows no one will understand him. Whenever he has that momentary pleasure, he shares it with the world to look for the right people among the crowd. .He has not given up but requires a motivation. He knows he will survive and reach to that summit of permanent happiness that goes along with him all his life. Life is not about surviving, it is about attaining that eternal happiness forever. #hellotravelo #brijtravels