10 Things to buy before your next Bike Trip

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Hello friends, hope you are having a great time with your bike and road trips. I wanted to share some essential bike accessories which can make your next road trip more awesome.

The things which I have mentioned here are very much affordable, the prices written are as on March 2016, click on the links below for the latest price and discounts.

Safety Gears:

1. Helmet: Needless to mention helmets are the first and foremost things bikers should wear. Apart from protecting you from head injuries it could also protect you from wind and dust. Choosing a right sized helmet is very important as you don't want it to be very tight which is uncomfortable wearing for long, it shouldn't be very loose as it could fall of during crash.

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Full faced Helmate: https://goo.gl/LnxK6v

Half face Helmate: https://goo.gl/McFNUX

German style Helmate: https://goo.gl/qNhm2i

2. Gloves: Gloves are one of the most essential part for every bike ride aprt from comfort and warmth it also protects you from minor injuries. It adds to your pro biker aesthetics and looks cool while riding. Use the full gloves while riding in the cold and half gloves while riding in the day.

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Full covered riding gloves: https://goo.gl/SPsi5y

Half Covered riding gloves: https://goo.gl/wC4hFN

3. Face Mask: Might seem silly but it can protect you in a lot of ways. It will prevent your face getting tanned because of the sun light, could save your skin from wind-dust and also could protect you from the cold during morning ride. Its might be uncomfortable at the beginning but once you are used to it then you start noticing the impact in a single trip.

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4. Elbow and knee guard: Crashing is a bitch but a necessary evil when riding. Apart from helmet and gloves knee pads have become the essential riding gears for most of the bikes. It could protect you from serious injuries during minor accidents. Wearing knee gaurd would increase your confidence so that you can take that curve with much ease. It will also add to your pro rider looks.

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5. Riding Jacket: We always have jugaad of wearing Pullover instead of a biking jackets say to ourselves chal ta hai!! Did you ever think why most of the riders always wear biking jacket? Its not just for styling, jackets offer more than that. It protects you from injuries during a crash, protects your body from cold and rain, protects you against sun burn and tanning. There are different kinds of Jackets choose the one which suits your requirement.

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Other bike essentials:

6. Sun Glass: Most of the helmets comes with black visor to help the rider during day time but are they as good as sun glasses? Probably not. helmet visors are of poor quality which doesn't filter any harmful radiations (Unless you have a expensive helmet). Sunglasses are the best way to ensure that you won't suffer from cataracts, keratitis and other eye ailments caused by UV radiations. It also protects your eyes from wind and dust which reduces the chances of eye strain and burning. There are a different kinds of glasses suited for each purpose, you can better check out which type of the sun glasses your really want.

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7. Helmet Lock: Most of the people neglect this part but I found helmet locks are one of the most useful things during any bike trips. Its obvious that you cant leave the helmet unlocked in the parking area as there will be always risk of theft so people usually take the helmet along with them while trekking or sight seeing. You can buy ring type helmet locks so that you can use it only when required without ruining the beauty of the bike. Before you go on your next bike trip buy a helmet lock.

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8. Bunjee net: If you are riding solo with lagguage then this is the thing you need the most. Instead of hanging backpack on your shoulder you can just dock it on your back seat so that you can avoid unnecessary strain on your shoulder. For RE riders there are saddle bags available which are much better than the bunjee net for long rides.

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9. Mobile Mount: Mobile mounts are very common in cars but not many people know that its also available for bikes. I found it to be very useful when navigating, you don't have to stop on every turn to see if you are on right path. Its not only helpful for trips but also helpful for day today commute whenever hitting a new route. If you don't have a go pro camera then you can just mount your mobile with video on to capture your journey I am using bike mount and its very sturdy don't worry about mobile falling down, I have tested it under worst condtions yet mount is able to keep a very good grip on the mobile.

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10. Disc lock: Its a tiny lock which locks up the disc brake so to stop wheel movement. Its very common that bike owners are worried about their bike being stolen during trip especially when they leave bikes at the hill base and trek. Disc locks can give you relief as you add extra security to your bike.

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Let me know if I am missing anything interesting, comment below and share the post

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Wow...really worthfull article.. cool...keep posting
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Also include luggage carriages
Tue 04 25 17, 08:56 · Reply · Report
didnt hope for this kind of blog man
Tue 04 25 17, 08:40 · Reply · Report
you forgot riding boots, riding pants and essential bike parts and hydration kit :)
Mon 01 23 17, 23:46 · Reply (1) · Report
Yeah they are essential for long rides, for short rides I don't think spending on that is needed.
Tue 01 24 17, 01:26 · Report
Great one brother :)
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