Interesting Things to do in Warsaw


Palace of science and culture, Warsaw

Photo of Interesting Things to do in Warsaw by Soma Majumdar

Here are some of the Must do's in Warsaw. Some are known landmarks. Some are Guided Tours by locals. Some are off the beaten track activities. And some are the new upcoming addresses in a fast modernizing city, which was nearly razed to the ground, during World War II; the most destroyed city.

A lot is happening. And we felt the new spirit of a Phoenix rising from the ashes in our recent trip to Warsaw:

1. Go for a 4 hour Guided tour by a Local, of the city's communist spots in a Retro Fiat. You can add your suggestions also.

2. Visit Old Town Square. Spend a substantial time there, just drinking in the place :street artists, climbing the bell tower of St Annes Church, go for a horse carriage ride, go shopping for Amber and other souvenir. Just loiter around.

3. Go for a fun ride in a Retro Tourist tram T, which has been started recently. With music and wooden interiors, you get the retro feel inside the tram, as it passes by all important landmarks of Warsaw

4. Go the Panorama Skybar, of Marriot hotel, for a drink and panoramic views of the city.

5. Go to Warsaw Spire, the newest high rise in Warsaw and do the same. Photoshoot infront of I Love Warsaw.

6. Visit Palace of science and culture. Buy tickets for the 30th floor observatory, have coffee and beautiful views

7. Visit Warsaw Rising Museum in Wola, if you want to get to know Warsaw better, all its history and heartache in an interactive Museum

8. Visit the New Praga district, feel the blend of creativity and industry in the upcoming and trendy Soho Factory area. Top it up with a visit to the Neon Museum and lunch at one of those wonderful cafes.

9. Go for a walk in Grybowska and come across the Grybowska Ghetto Bridge Memorial for all the Jews who suffered in the ghettoes there. Locate the 2 sets of metallic poles connected by fibre optics, which create the illusionary Footbridge of Sighs. Warsaw: Where you may find a story lurking around the street corner. Travelling is such an enormous learning experience.

10. Go to the worlds narrowest building, Keret House, beside it.

11. Spend a couple of hours walking in the new address in town, the Vistula Boulevard along the newly made promenade, under the pergolas, lying on the deck chairs, having lunch at one of those cafes flirting with the river Vistula.

12.Walk down Nowy Swiat street, breathe in the local vibe, past cafes and souvenir shops. Stop at a street-side cafe and dig into a Zapiekanka, the Polish version of a Pizza, with exciting toppings.

13. Lastly, don't forgot to visit a local market like Hala Mirowska and have a typical Polish meal at the food court there: Hala Gwardii. And experience Warsaw through all the senses: sight, sound, smell and taste. What a wonderful way to experience another culture!

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