Dude, you totally have to visit Warsaw

8th May 2016
Photo of Dude, you totally have to visit Warsaw 1/1 by Kalina

There are some cities you can visit and immediately know where to go to have fun. Like Paris and Montmartre, you can't go wrong. 

Warsaw is different: try following the crowd of tourists and you'll soon find yourself in the middle of the most boring trip of your life. 

But, if you know where to go – you're in for one of the best trips of your life. 

Warsaw is a unique city, because Poland is a unique country. It is torn between the past and the future. On one hand it still remembers the war and everywhere you go in the city centre you can see the signs of it. On the other hand, after hundreds of years of not being fully independent, it's undergoing a huge development boom and has a bright future ahead of it. 

Why is it a great city to travel to? It doesn't have very old buildings, it's doesn't have great art museums. But, it has a great vibe. It's young. It's welcoming. It's cheap. It's still off the beaten track. 

Go now, before it becomes mainstream. 

Cool collection of neons showing a different side of Poland's past
Perfect for a walk when the weather's good. + still seemingly untouched by tourism
Where all the hipsters go. Check out Karma for a laid back coffee break Go to Plan B for a drink Try getting a table at Charlotte and try their amazing sandwiches (watch out for incredibly shitty service though)
A place to walk past by and observe famous square (socialist realism, hell yeah)
Little shopping never killed nobody
An absolute must on the park map of Warsaw
Warsaw goes into full party-mode during the summer. The river bank is full of dancy bars: try checking all of them out during one night!
One of the most beautiful places in Warsaw: a park off the beaten track
Gessler family run a few famous restaurants in Poland: it's definitely worth checking some of them out.
Check out some of the cafe-bars in Praga (a district of Warsaw on the right bank of the river)
A very touristy place, but definitely worth visiting.