14 Things That Travel Has Taught Me About Life

Photo of 14 Things That Travel Has Taught Me About Life 1/1 by Dipti Goyal

Travel has been one of my most valuable teachers. Rather than sit in a classroom and learn about the world through someone else’s eyes. While traveling, it’s common to have long train rides, plane journeys or bus commutes that leave me just enough time to just sit back, stare out the window, and reflect. I have always believed that travel teaches you without a scorecard. When you step out to see the world – meet people, get acquainted with different cultures, taste new cuisines or simply breathe in an unfamiliar city – you learn a lot!

Travel has taught me a lot. It has taught me so much that I am even keener to learn more through it. Some of them I already knew, some are silly, some are serious, some are obvious, and some are embarrassing. Maybe this collection will help open up new doors in your own life and own travels, and although we will all learn our own lessons, I hope maybe I will help someone avoid some of my mistakes. Let me share 14 things that I have learned from my travels so far.

  1. Travel is about the journey, not the destination.
  2. Sometimes it’s important to relax and detach.
  3. Being curious is essential to being happy.
  4. Life is short; it’s more important to be satisfied and happy than rich and powerful.
  5. Don’t listen to people who tell you how to live life, live your life in your own special way.
  6. It’s fine to be independent, because support of a loved one is crucial to everyone.
  7. Always talk to taxi drivers; they are the keepers of great knowledge.
  8. Travel makes us stronger people, better prepared for the ups and downs of life.
  9. The best moments happen when you least expect them.
  10. No matter how many you see, never stop appreciating sunsets.
  11. Invest on a comfortable pair of sandals.
  12. Drinking with locals is the best way to learn a new language.
  13. Call your parents just enough so they don’t worry, no matter how old you are, they are still your parents.
  14. You really can make lifelong friends while traveling.

What are some lessons you have learned from travel? Leave them in the comments below please so others may learn from your mistakes!

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