25 best tips for ultimate Solo Traveler 

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When you're on the road solo or planning to travel alone, these tips can help to inspire and uplift your travel. 25 best tips for ultimate Solo Traveler

Solo travel is life changing experience.

A few years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you have not traveled when you could have done. So move out of your comfort zone Sail away, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Plan your travel

Plan your travel and travel your plan, when traveling alone, it is recommended that you have everything in order before traveling. Make a detailed outline plan. Try to book your tickets and stay in advance.

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Carry your essentials

Pack all your essentials and toiletries. Important things like medicines, maps, chargers, power banks are a must. Try to keep some of the emergency contacts of the place you visit.

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Pack light

Most important is to pack light. Carry only required season clothes, toiletry, instant food, and preferably carry all in a rucksack.

No to expensive stuffs

When you traveling solo, do not show the expensive jewelry, Mobiles, Camera,s, etc. You might face a high risk of robbery.

Early Arrival

Try arriving at the destination during the day. Other than the major metropolitan cities, most places are quite deserted at the night, and getting a mode of transport can be difficult.

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Get Connected

When traveling alone, it is only the strangers that are a constant company through the journey, therefore recommended to socialize with the other traveler's people along the way. It is the simplicity of opening up to strangers that helps the traveler feel at home, there is a great chance of getting to know some exceptional people.

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Meet the locals

Locals are the best guides. Connect with them for more exploration. Paying few bucks more to local is more helpful than paying for pizzas and burgers.

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Observe and learn

Observe your surrounding while you travel that help you judge the best. everything is a learning platform.

Explore offbeat tracks

Try to explore whatever is planned. With the help of locals, you can also explore unknown places. When traveling solo, explore the unexplored. The offbeat traveler like you is to go on the road less traveled. It's not the common tourist spots hoarded with tourists, but the distant off beaten paths with a smaller number of travelers.

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Ask questions

One of the best ways to start a conversation with any person is to ask questions about the place, culture, food, festival, life, etc. A question ensures the fellow traveler that you are interested in his talks and forms a sound basis for establishing a connection through conversation.

Learn to dine alone

If you are travelling solo, you are eating solo. Try to eat at good local places. Order your portion only and try to taste the local food.

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Walk a lot

The best way to explore the city is by walking the streets, to understand the culture and customs. It also helps to understand the small places, shops, eateries around the places.

Prefer the public transport

When you are traveling solo from one place to another, the best way to travel is public transport. Know in advance the bus/train timings and route for the desired destination.

Taking care of your belongings

It is important that the solo traveler take care of his belongings in the best possible manner. It is a recommendation to store all your essentials like passport, wallet, camera, phone, and cash in a single bag and take care of the same. Especially if traveling alone in an estranged land, such belongings are extremely important and must be kept handy and protected in all cases.

Be your own photographer

Whenever you travel solo, you are your own photographer. Keep your phone /camera charged for not to miss the beautiful sights. Try to capture unique photos of the places you are visiting. Capturing the faces of people, their culture, food, etc should be on your list. Of course, selfies are loaded with all the places you visit.

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Stay Sober

When you are traveling solo don't drink much, stay sober and be extremely aware of your surroundings at all times.

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Learn the local language

When traveling to a location, you can keep a few of the important words handy to connect with locals. Nowadays there are many Apps that translate into another language, keep the app handy.

Smile, the common language

Smile is the only thing that is universal and understood by all. It creates a good vibe and helps to understand the nature of the person when looked upon.

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Save Money

Save money for your travel, you know your own finances. Try to spend less on unwanted things, however, spend on required essentials.

Stay in touch

At least stay in touch with one person who should be completely aware of your travel plan. Social media are also helpful, but only if you want to reveal the destination you are traveling alone.

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Don't overindulge

Do not provide your details to a stranger. Trust your instincts therefore, it is best to give your gut feeling or intuition a little more credit and act accordingly.

Avoid dark alleys

Some of the most unsafe places in an estranged land are the dark alleys, it is best to avoid such questionable places be it a dark alley or a deserted road.

Use the technology

There are various apps that will help you with the translator, GPS, travel guides, and currency converter, etc. Keep all this downloaded. Due to technology you can make payment via UPI apps also for not carry cash more.

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Eat more and healthy

When you travel solo and to different places, you are not much aware of the food you will get. Hence whenever you get a chance to eat good hygienic food, eat it to your heart. Since you will not be knowing how far your next journey will be. Also, be prepared for long hours journey while keeping some light snacks in your rucksack.

That's a wrap! I hope these solo travel tips have made you see solo travel in a new light, or perhaps motivated you to take the leap into solo travel.

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