5 Reasons Why Pushkar is One of The Most Romantic Place

3rd Feb 2018

Pushkar, the place of the kings and rulers has been attracting tourists and visitors from across the countries for the magnificent forts and palaces, lakes and temples. Pushkar is one of the most beautiful and Brahma Temple city in Rajasthan. Choosing Pushkar Tour Packages from Royal Adventure Tours helps you explore the vivid culture and enjoy the most in the most romantic place in the country. 

The fascinating features in Pushkar have made it one of the most romantic places:

1. Art and Culture

The art and culture of the city is depicted in all the fort and palace carvings and designs. The creativity inspired by the ancient art is visible on the fine work of art used in the Lather goods, grments, silver jewellery, Carpet, finely cut precious stones, carved wood, Handycrafts and on other articles. The Hatodi and the Baroli regions stand witness to the undefeated school of art prevailing since the Rajputana era.

Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by RS Rajawat

2. Palaces, Forts and Other Tourist Attractions

The rulers of the various clans in Pushkar have built their forts and palaces that act as tourist attraction even to this day. Some of the monuments that add glory to the history of the city:

Forts – Pushkar fort, Taragarh fort

Temples – Savitri Mata Tepmle, Jagat Pita Brahma Temple with Rajasthan Travel Packages

Sanctuaries – Bird Parks

3. Festivals and Fairs

The festivals and fairs organized in the various parts in Pushkar are worth visiting. The colors of Pushkar are truly experienced in the Pushkar fairs of the city. Few festivals that are celebrated are the Kartik Ekadashi Festival, Teej, Diwali, Dusshera and Holi etc.

The fairs that steal the show in Pushkar are – Camel fair, livestock fair etc.

Photo of 5 Reasons Why Pushkar is One of The Most Romantic Place by RS Rajawat

4. Gourmets’ Delight

The Pushkari food and snacks are a delight to one’s appetite. Milk and butter milk are offered to every guest as welcome drink. Pohas, Juice and Kachori are the few traditional dishes of Pushkar that are served in every kitchen. The spicy chutneys that include mint, garlic and coriander are also a solace to the tourists. But the dal bati and churma are often taken back by the tourists to their places as a remembrance of the taste of Pushkar.

Photo of 5 Reasons Why Pushkar is One of The Most Romantic Place by RS Rajawat

5. Folklores of Pushkar

The vibrant folklores of Pushkar cannot just be missed. The much acknowledged puppetry narrating the traditional tales attracts the tourists very much. Further, the foreigners and the tourists also tap to the beats of the Kathputli Dance, Ghoomer dance, Gawari Dancea, Kachhi Ghodi, Terahtaali dance and the Kalbeliya dance when performed by the local artists.

Photo of 5 Reasons Why Pushkar is One of The Most Romantic Place by RS Rajawat

Truly, Pushkar is one of the most romantic places on Earth welcoming vacationers and adventure seekers from all over the World.

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