5 things to do while in Leh !

31st May 2016
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Leh - Ladakh is one of those few Indian places which almost every Indian wishes to go. But not all are successful with their dreams or plans. Mostly the reason being the 'not easily accessible' nature and remoteness of the place.

Situated in such fragile environment and highest of habitable altitudes, Ladakh has too much to offer other than natural beauty. Nonetheless, other beauties are also directly affected by the nature itself. Leh is the biggest city in the region. Here is the list of things to do while in Leh.

1. Tryout a home-stay accommodation

A home-stay is considered to be one the best options to live in when in Ladakh. It is cheaper, affordable and more suitable for ANY kind of traveler or tourist. Hotels and Guesthouses are the same as in different cities. The home-stay can give you a memorable experience of living in a Buddhist culture and Ladakhi lifestyle, especially the food. Initially one may not like it but its importance can be well understood by the climatic conditions. Also, the Ladakhis are very kind hearted people. Their hospitality and compassionate behavior can leave anyone mesmerized.

2. Befriend a localite.

Make a friend who is properly based in Leh city. The friendliness of Ladakhis can never be matched (I suppose). Befriending him/her will help one know and understand the city and the region inside out. From a deeper perspective, one will feel more connected to the place/region and one can enjoy each and every moment there. Otherwise the climatic conditions there, are enough to drive one out of the place ASAP. I assure you that the friendships or bonds made will last longer and you will always cherish them.

3. Trek

While in Leh, one has many options to travel to nearby places. There are many vehicles available in the market on Contract Carriage basis. But trekking has its own beauty. The beautiful villages and mesmerizing landscapes can leave anyone awestruck. One can never get tired of trekking because after every few kilometres, the mountains and valleys have a new way of presenting itself. One will also get a good company of other trekkers adding to a more colorful experience.

4. Visit the remotest village schools.

The region being already isolated has hundreds of villages which are still remote from the Leh city. Facilities already being limited are further narrowed down for the ones who live in far-off villages. Students studying in schools there don’t have a life like those who live in other parts of the country. In such a scenario, if people visiting the region make a special visit to any of the village schools, can make the children very happy and it is also enthralling experience for the visitors even. It can be kindest gesture for our fellow citizens.

5. Go shopping and try the Tibetan food.

Market in Leh is very colorful. One can get items of Buddhist culture at a very affordable price. T-shirts with maps printed on it are a special attraction, tempting enough to buy a few as memories. The Tibetan food is worth trying. Momos, Thupka, Bhaklap and the local dessert (because I specifically tried these dishes :) ) are some of the dishes which one must definitely try. There are also many foreign visitors and tourists visiting the city. Consequently, there many different restaurants and places offering multiple cuisines, only adding to the options and giving the opportunity of having all of it at the same place.

Leh-Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and has so much to offer. The gifts bestowed by the nature on this place should be definitely experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Photo of 5 things to do while in Leh ! by Rhishabh Jadhav
Photo of 5 things to do while in Leh ! by Rhishabh Jadhav

Backyard of our homestay !

Photo of 5 things to do while in Leh ! by Rhishabh Jadhav
Photo of 5 things to do while in Leh ! by Rhishabh Jadhav
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