A Trip to Tirthan valley

4th Oct 2016

I and my co-travelers boarded our bus from Majnu Ka Tila at 7 pm on Friday evening, and we were off to our destination by 8. I as a trip Co-ordinator introduced everyone aboard the bus, and in no time we all were chatting away like we had known each other for years!

After a journey of 3-5 hours stopped for dinner at "Sheesh-Mahal", and then at a place called "Dhaba‘’ for tea in the morning, other than stopping occasionally for those who wanted to use the loo and for picking more travelers from cities we passed on the way.We reached Tirthan at about 8 am the next morning (Saturday) and took a tempo traveler to reach our resort, Trishla the Resort stole our hearts away the moment we set foot in it! The resort was excellent and the Owner Aman was very sweet and cooperative. We checked in and were immediately escorted to our cool, gigantic rooms.The best part about this resort was the views of the valley and the river is provided, which was middle of it! We then had a delicious breakfast.Since I and the rest of traveler had arrived quite earlier than was planned, I with help of traveler decided to take all out on a trek to a waterfall. The trek was surely a refreshing experience as we walked through greenery all around, but it was no match for the beauty of the waterfall.We spent quite some time there, clicking pictures with the Photo Booth boards or merely sitting on the bank watching, milky white water and reveling in its splendor.After reaching the resort, I readily agreed and also convinced the hotel staff to arrange for a bonfire. In no time at all, we were merrily dancing and singing around a bonfire. Everyone was happy with the kind of hospitality we were constantly receiving from the resort management.After a bonfire, we were treated to some delicious dinner. Excited for what the next day had in store for us, we hopped away to our rooms for some sleep.

Next day we woke up, We were all fresh and ready, We started with the main part of the itinerary- the trek to Jalori Pass. We boarded our bus at around 9:30 am that drove us up over that uneven road.Yet memorable ride, we started our 7 km trek up to the Pass that sat at an elevation of 10,800 ft! The trek wasn’t exactly a green one, but walking on that dirt path and rocky terrains still proved to be immensely refreshing and provided us bewitching 360-degree views of the valley, It was famous temple nearby the locals call the temple Budhi Nagin.We were back at the resort by 7 pm and the bonfire had already been lit.

Next day in the morning there is nothing much in the itinerary to do.So, I decided to take the traveler to unexplored place call Chaini Fort it was famous for local Rishi Shringa Maharaj.All the travelers are pretty much excited about the place.A lot of people gave up and turned back even before they had reached halfway. Panting and sweating, we managed to reach the top after walking 45 mins in total, and when we laid our eyes on that beautiful sanctum, we realized why people take all the efforts to come this far for a temple.We spent quite some up there taking pictures and marveling at the strength of locals effortlessly carrying heavy cartons of apples to and fro. On coming back, we had lunch at a dhaba and started our journey back home.

I loved: Trekking; the tasty local food; the 360-degree views of the valley; the friendly people and their hospitable treatment.