An evening at Yogisthaan


Well Today is the First Weekend of August 2018 and a special day which is "Friendships day" .

so my friend and I visited this serene cafe called "Yogisthaan"

1.Where is it ?

It is at 89, 11th Cross Road, 60 Feet Road, Stage, Near BDA Complex, Indiranagar, Stage 1, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038. Landmark- BDA Complex, Indra Nagar Metro station

2. How to reach ?

The easiest way is to get a Metro to Indranagar and have a little bit of walk. otherwise there is always a Uber and Ola.

3. Cuisine Type ?

Yogi-sthaan cafe is a macrobiotic vegan friendly, entire food is cooked and served with Ayurvedic principles proving a yogi life style.

4. Pet Friendly ?

Yes ! Indeed very much.

Synopsis- So we got into rickshaw to reach this place around 5 Pm in evening and was surprised to see that this place actually was located in a quiet place. we entered into the place and there was a shoe stand which said " Please leave your foot wear here "

Yes, you cannot enter this place with the footwear. once we entered we got a table for ourselves, they have a different kind of seating's. There was a hammock, White painted tables and chair, and also on the other end with a small cots with pillows.

The best thing about this place is you can really hear very minimal honking or traffic sounds considering it is located at residential area. My friend and I were almost saying to ourselves that this does not seem like Cafe in Bangalore. It more so felt like we were in some shack at Beach side.

There dishes are very organic .We ordered Filter coffee and they served with Jaggery instead of sugar, We also ordered saffron tea that was filled with honey and almonds.

The menu said that Jaggery and Ghee toast is "MUST TRY" and yes we did try and it tasted very yumm and authentic.

Need to say, they even have happy hour that serve some amazing dishes. They also have a board that says that if you ring the bell 9 times then you get a free TEA. this was something cool (Watch this at my video )

We took a tour to see the place and they have a small library with plenty of books, It is indeed a good place if you are passionate about reading.

Nevertheless, if you are into well being then this is the best choice because they even have yoga classes from Monday to Friday.

They have two sessions - One during the day from 7AM to 8 Am and evening from 7PM to 8PM.

They even have a Stay facility. Yes if you are visiting Bangalore and want to stay at a quiet place then you should probably consider Yogisthaan.

Although they have some rules like - Vegetarian food only, No Drinking, No Smoking and No friends in late night . Which can actually be compromised if you are living at place as peaceful as this. Guests can access Living room, Yoga and Music classes which is also quiet nice.

They have a small boutique that sell some cool yoga T-shirts, Detoxing vessels, Organic Groceries & Gourmet.

They recently have come up with a food delivery option if you are living somewhere close to 1km . Lucky people who stay closely I must say :)

On the whole this place is great if you love some peace and some Quietness.


Swetha Kumar