Are you a travel addict like me? Let's find out...

Photo of Are you a travel addict like me? Let's find out... by Dipti Goyal

Travel is a bit like a bug. Once the travel bug infects you, there is no going back- you are a traveler for life.I can say that everything I do revolves around travel. I have the bug. I’m addicted. Here are some signs you might be a travel addict too:

1.  The only reason you work is so you can afford to upgrade your next trip.

2.  You never have any money in your bank account, because as soon as you save, you’re off on your next trip.

3.  Your phone is packed with every travel app you could possibly need.

4.  Your passport is your absolute favorite accessory.

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5.  You are constantly daydreaming of where you will go next.

6.  You don’t have paintings on the wall – you have maps.

7.  You spend two hours each day reading travel blogs and travel websites.

8.  Your backpack is well worn.

9.  You’re a fan of small souvenirs you can keep with you.

10. And have a box filled with currency from around the world.

11. Your iPod only has songs related to traveling.

12. Some people cry when they leave home. You cry when you have to go back.

13. When someone asks how many countries you’ve been to, you actually have to take a moment to count.

14. You think about getting a small airplane tattoo for your ankle.

15. Saving up for your DSLR was the best thing you ever did.

16. When people ask you about your hobbies, all your answers contain the word “travel.”

17. You pretend you are a travel writer.

18. Your only aim is to travel around the WORLD

Now what you say about yourself?

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