Reasons why you should travel

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Travelling around the world is not the only way to travel. Travel in your country and see what you’re missing, discover the things which you never thought existed, something which would make you love your own country more.

And if you’re fortunate enough to go to different countries, then just do it without even thinking about it twice. Go, get that passport from your safe space and leave on an adventure. You’ll find things which will leave you mesmerised and question your existence in this big world.

You see people in Germany are not rude as contrary to what people say, you’ll learn how to not to believe the stereotypes. You see the whole population of Venice living peacefully and happily even though they know that their city is going to be submerged in water soon. You see Polish people don’t cheat you with money but welcome you with warm hospitality. You See the whole Amsterdam smoking joints but not screwing things up. You see that Singaporeans are happy with their small country and love life everyday. You see that South Korea is growing into development whereas North Korea remains unheard of. You see that Americans embrace every culture and are not discrimative.

When you see those things, you’ll think about your life. Was that boy worth those tears or that girl who called you fat? Soon you realise how small your problems are and yet you cry about them everyday. You won’t sit and judge people with your friends anymore because you never know what’s going on in that person’s life. You’ll try and put yourself in that person’s place and understand their situation. And also soon you’ll see yourself saving up for trips rather than going out to a club and hitting on someone.

Travelling changes you, your perspective and your life. You meet new people, some become your friends for lifetime, some for a few days in an unknown place. You eat that weird food which you never thought you would, and eventually fall in love with that. You hop on a bus to a country whose language you don’t speak but mange their somehow with the language of love and unity. At the end, you’ll love yourself and be proud of how strong you’re.

Why are you waiting, my friend? Your passport wants to be tattooed, go and get it done.

You’re born in one place, why stay at the same?

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